If You Find These Images Funny, Internet Has Definitely Ruined You

Internet is the home for sugar, spice and everything not nice. One of the biggest upsides to spending way too much time on the internet is getting aware of the world around us. What level of awareness is too much awareness, you ask? Well, these images are going to prove it that you’ve been spending […]

Here’s Why Jason Silva From ‘Brain Games’ Deserves All Your Attention

How often do you come across someone that gets you introspecting about life and says things powerful enough to give you goosebumps? Well, that’s what Jason Silva, the philosopher of the ‘YouTube Generation’ does every day! ] A media artist, modern-day philosopher, keynote speaker and TV personality these are all the roles he has played […]

These 10 Illustrations Are Exactly How Our Heart And Brain Are Always Looking Into The Opposite Direction!

This happens to everyone! Both reside in the same body, yet one looks into the east and the other never turns from the west. If one says it’s dark, the other will surely talk about the light! If one wants to go ‘there’, the other is not ready to move! There is a constant tug […]

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