How Do Women Not Know That Single Men Generally Don’t Change Their Bedsheets For Days?

Okay, wait. Go to the nearest single guy you find and ask them this question. That’ll give you perspective. Most single guys often live a stress-free life. Khaaya, peeya, maze kiye and that’s pretty much it. Single men have priorities in life. Career, education, family, nashe, electronics. Ab zindagi ki bhaag daud mein hygiene pe […]

Women And AC – A Hate Story. Why Women Feel Colder Than Men When The AC Is On!

Being at work gets tougher when you sit exactly below the AC vent shivering through the day. But my dear friend, it is not you, it is them!

14 Tweets That Prove That Men And Women Just Don’t Understand Each Other At All!

And when it is not funny, it gets painful or awkward. These 14 tweets are neither painful or awkward but showcase these moments hilariously!

10 Pictures That Prove Growing A Beard Can Change The Way You Look Completely!

One can not underestimate the power of beard and what it can do to your face. It’s also very fascinating to think how one addition to the human face can change the way it looks drastically, leading to the formation of a new perception altogether.  Source The beard-look also depends on the individual and can […]

Quora: After Getting Married, What Are The Hardest Adjustments For Men?

One day, I was talking to my male friend. We were just conversing about our day-to-day routine, how things have been going around and he happens to mention that one of his friends is going to be married. I was happy and wished the couple well but what he said later, astounded me. Like any […]

These ‘Miserable Men’ On Instagram Are Basically Every Guy That Went Shopping!

Women and shopping work. But add ‘men’ to ‘shopping’ and the results are never too good. Seldom would you find a man on the planet who loves to shop, and no it has nothing to do with paying the bills. And if you do, you are definitely on lucky chick! Men hate shopping and avoid […]

When A Man Wasn’t Allowed To Work In Shorts, He Wore A Dress Instead!

It is summer time in Britain and we can completely understand how difficult would it be to wear those uptight office formals to work. When one of the companies sent an employee home for wearing shorts, he decided to take up on Twitter and start a social media process. 20-year-old Joey Barge from Buckinghamshire, UK […]

The #LedisLog Web Comic Series Gets Every Lady’s Quota Of Daily Drama Bang On

When it comes to drama, ladies have always had an extra quota of it in their laps. Be it the daily dose of eve teasing to those glaring eyes that pop out when we bend to a bra strap that just played ‘peekaboo’ to hiding sanitary napkins in black bags, we are always full of […]

This Premarital Question Is What You Must Ask Your Partner Before Getting Married

Marriage is not just a union of two souls, but also, a bond that brings two people together, emotionally and physically. In our country, marriage is usually an arranged affair, with not only a mutual agreement between the couple but the entire families of both parties. When deciding on your partner for life, what would […]

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