In Loving Memory Of The ₹500 and ₹1000 Notes: Here’s The Impact Of Demonetization On Us

Mitrooooooooooon! Aaj raat 12 baje se, aapke paise Congress ki tarah useless ho jayenge mitroooooon… Exactly 365 days ago, ‘Pradhan Sevak’ Narendra Modi addressed the nation. It was an ordinary evening that would in-turn lead to something out-of-the-box and change our lives forever. Demonetization hit us hard. With almost no cash at our disposal, we […]

Twitterati Turned A Song From ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’ Into A Hilarious Meme

Twitter is the place you need to be when you’re feeling blue. ‘Hum Saath Saath Hain’ has given us many memorable songs and bauji’s blessings too. The movie had an emotional song ‘Yeh Toh Sach Hai Ki Bhagwan Hai’. What Twitter did with the song is quite hilarious and we’re grateful for Twitterati. We compiled the […]

Think Life Has No Meaning? These 10 Nihilist Memes Will Make You Laugh Harder Than You Should!

There are two kinds of people. The first are Nihilists, who believe that life has no secret meaning whatsoever and that everyone dies eventually. The second kind, are those who avoid the topic altogether. The former one is not necessarily suicidal, they just have a morbid sense of humor. These people walk around taking death and life […]

20 Hilarious Indian Classical Art Memes That Will Make You Feel Weirdly Patriotic

India is a land of rich culture. Deeply held beliefs. Stunning architecture. There is so much to discover here. Like how hot does it get before an American man bursts into flames? But regardless of weather, thousands come each year to savour what our motherland has to offer. One of these things being our artwork […]

What Do Our Favourite Meme Characters Look Like Now?

Memes have become a must for our daily source of entertainment. But have you ever wondered what happens to our favorite meme characters? Well, here we’ll tell you where those characters are, in this point in life. 1. The Success Kid Source 2. The Overly Attached Girlfriend Source 3. Disaster Girl Source 4. Thinking Black […]

Jaisa Desh Waisa Bhesh – The “Bik Gayi Hain Gormint” Lady Is Still Kicking Ass! Check Out Her Latest Thoughts Here

2016 was a simpler time. We didn’t really know in the beginning of that year that it would turn out to be the nightmare it turned out to be. Whether for victims of terror attacks around the world, for Hillary supporters in America or for that neighbour of yours whose rent just increased. But if […]

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