This Guy Recreates Film And TV Characters With A Budget Lower Than Your Standards

Cosplay is this amazing art where you can dedicate time money and energy towards feeling like your favourite characters. Source It’s a skill that has to be honed over time but without the million dollar budgets that movie and animation studios tend to have. Men and women from around the world flock to multiple events to […]

You May Have Missed These Little Details In The Avengers Infinity War Trailer

Yesterday, the trailer for Avengers Infinity War dropped in on us, and has got all of us super excited. We don’t know how we are going to wait till May, when the film releases. However, that didn’t stop us from watching, and re-watching the trailer multiple times. And as we saw it a number of […]

15 Hilarious Reactions The Internet Has Had About ‘Avengers: Infinity War’ Trailer

Not since Kim Kardashian balanced a wine glass on her butt has the internet been broken to this many tiny fragments of reactions. The reason? This little known indie kinda movie called The Avengers or something. You may have heard of it if you’ve interacted with people since last night. So, when I say it […]

[Watch] Avengers: Infinity War; The Greatest Trailer Of The Year Has Just Dropped

Whether you’re into superheroes or not, you’re invariably aware of the universes different superheroes come from. The Avengers released in 2012 and it changed the game for superhero movies forever. Ever since then, we have had super successful origin stories of some of those superheroes while other origin stories are lined up to come out […]

6 Hindi Dubbing Artists Who Have Lent Their Voices To Hollywood’s Biggest Blockbusters

India is a large and diverse country. There are way too many languages for anyone to be fluent in all of them. But even so, we demand our entertainment in any form we can get it. And this includes dubbing popular Hollywood movies to increase box office sales in parts of India where English is […]

Real World Jobs Of These 10 Superheroes From Marvel And DC Universe Will Surprise You!

Wondering what job paid their rent? Here are the real world jobs of these superheroes!

5 Terrible Attempts At Indian Superhero Films I Honestly Forgot About

The houses of Marvel and DC are at the heights of their power at the moment. They are knocking it out of the park. they are making all the money. They could literally make a sequel called “Avengers – We Couldn’t Think Of A Name” and we’d pay a shit-tonne of money to figure out […]

Your Favourite Superheroes Have Gotten A Makeover Since The Very First Time They Appeared On Screen

Like everybody else, Superheroes have an awkward phase… Because there is an unimaginable amount of money that gets pumped into making superheroes on the big screen look super and not like men in green tights. So naturally, back when money was slightly shorter, they looked slightly less cool. But it’s always fascinating to take a […]

The Guardians Of The Galaxy Are Grooving To Bappi Lahiri’s “Jhoom Jhoom Jhoom Baba!”

It’s three weeks till the release of Guardians of The Galaxy 2 and the world is waiting desperately. There are few things that trump the release of a Marvel movie as of 2017. India is a huge market for the international franchise as well and that is clearly evident in their latest promotional bit for the […]

A Completely Illogical List Of People Who Could Be The Next Wolverine

Things you need to read this article:  Open mindset. If you don’t have it, do not proceed.ABORT! It is a pretty well-known fact that Hugh Jackman won’t be playing Wolverine ever again. He carried the character on his shoulders for nearly two decades. He established the world of X-men and Wolverine with his stellar acting […]

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