Mandira Bedi

45-Year-Old Mandira Bedi Doing Push-Ups In A Saree Is A Nightmare For Patriarchy

Mandira Bedi is known for breaking norms and what she recently did just proves how she doesn’t believe in stereotypes at all. From breaking the norm of sarees and short hair, Mandira has always shown the world how there is no norm that women need to follow and her doing push-ups in a saree proves […]

Mandira Bedi Is Giving All Moms Fitness Goals, And Her Instagram Account Is Proof Of That

Mandira Bedi captured the nation’s attention in early 2000s, when she added much needed oomph into cricket. Dressed impeccably in sarees of various colours, she would interview cricketers and experts. In many ways, she was the predecessor of all modern day cricket anchors today, like Shibani Dandekar and Archana Vijaya, and arguably the best of […]

Priyanka Chopra And Your Favourite Celebs Talk About Their Mom’s Style This Mother’s Day!

There is no day we don’t remember the woman who is our whole existence, but every year, having Mother’s Day is just a reminder to her, that we love her. While it’s loads of love showering on the leading lady of the house, there is so much that we naturally imbibe from her. Like the […]

Leap Of Logic – Why Couldn’t Simran Just Wait For The Next Train At The End Of Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge?

Some movies are beyond iconic. They occupy a place of pride in the hearts of their audience and their relevance transcends time. One such movie is Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, which propelled Shahrukh Khan and Kajol to perpetual stardom in this country. Regardless of whether the movie is actually any good or not, it is […]

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