7 Reasons Why Your Partner Should Be Your Best Friend!

Getting in a relationship is one of the most serious choices that we make in our lives and it is very important to make sure that the person we plan to start spending time with and eventually also consider spending our entire lives is someone who understands us in and out. Source What could be […]

10 Ways In Which Your Dog Makes Your Life Better!

Dogs, *sigh* I wonder what good we humans did for God to bless us with these beautiful creatures! They are a living proof of utmost affection and unconditional love and they certainly have the power to make everything around us better. Source A house with a dog is a house full of smiles and love […]

Dear Relatives Back Home, This Is What Big Cities Are Doing To Our Relationships And Marriages

Millenials, have you ever come across a friend, an acquaintance or even a potential ‘rishta‘ at a matrimonial site who hasn’t had a broken relationship ever? Let’s skip the miniscule percentage of those who went to tuitions and came straight back home. Almost all of us suffer from our personal share of pain through never […]

So Tell Me Then, How Do You Say Goodbye When Your Heart Is Breaking?

The first time I saw him is a memory that time will not erase. I have dreamed about it, and talked about it, and wrote about it. It’s never enough. It’s never enough to describe something that’s so ordinary and yet so extraordinary. Like magic, but more. Now he was leaving. And it was so many […]

As A 23 Year Old, I Have 7 Pieces Of Relationship Advice I Hope You’ll Take

So I have absolutely no right to be doing this. Like, who would possibly listen to a 23-year-old about anything? If you want to know about taxes and shit, you’d ask someone older than 30. If you wanted to know about “cool” stuff, you’d ask a 16-year-old. Being in your 20s is pretty shitty overall […]

The Sleep Is When The Nightmares Come Knocking #FearFest

I’d reached out to him tonight. He wasn’t there, like the past 4 months. The bed was empty and made up on the other side. The sleep has a way of turning your dreams into a slow churning nightmare. I remember the day I received his call. I was at work and it was the […]

10 Red Flags That You Might Be In An Emotionally Abusive Relationship

They say when you are in love, life seems beautiful. Love is an emotion that adds more happiness to this journey called ‘life’. However, sometimes we end up confusing the need of companionship with love. If you are not happy with your partner and every second feels suffocating, then you are in love with the […]

Have You Wondered Why Are Modern Relationships So Fragile? Here’s My Take On It!

You meet someone new either via your friends or through Tinder. There’s a little excitement of talking about things with them. You somehow connect with that person. Numbers get exchanged which leads to endless chatting with each other. Before you know it leads to dates.  Soon you realise that you really like that person, so […]

The Greek Story Behind Why Humans Are Always Searching For Their ‘Better Half’

Have you ever introduced your spouse or the love of your life as your ‘better half’? And have you ever realized why you would actually consider them as your ‘better half’? This piece is not going to tell you if the girl you’re ready to spend your entire life with or the guy who is […]

12 Signs That You Love Animals More Than You Like Humans

There are two kinds of people – those who like animals and those who hate animals. If you think this is the only way people can be distinguished you are wrong. There are also people who prefer animals over the company of humans. Here are some signs that you are more of an animal person […]

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