These 25 Pictures Of People Meeting Their Dogs For The First Time Will Melt Your Heart

And the love is just not one-sided, the expression on the faces of these puppers and doggos will make you a believer of true love.

8 Things That Happen When Empathetic People Date Narcissists

Empaths and narcissists are easily attracted to each other.  Basically, empathetic people are those who have the ability to perceive and heal other people. Narcissists are people who love themselves and do not feel the need of having someone else in their lives. Bollywood’s exhibit A of an empath and narcissist relationship is Ved and Tara in […]

20 Haruki Murakami Quotes On Love, Loneliness And Everything In Between

Haruki Murakami is one of the most well-known writers. He was recently nominated for the Nobel prize in Literature. If you just sit down and read one of his books, it will leave you in another world. His words can simply change your mind and thoughts. His novels have magical realism, mysterious people, and commonly […]

7 Increasingly Stupid Things To Do To Get Your Crush To Notice You In 2018

It’s 2018! An unenthusiastic “yay” is in order. So yay. But nothing about New Year’s Eve is going to make you feel shittier than all the unnecessarily happy couples you will be surrounded with when the clock strikes 12. And what’s going to make you feel even shittier? Your crush standing 10 feet away, enjoying […]

As A 23 Year Old, I Have 7 Pieces Of Relationship Advice I Hope You’ll Take

So I have absolutely no right to be doing this. Like, who would possibly listen to a 23-year-old about anything? If you want to know about taxes and shit, you’d ask someone older than 30. If you wanted to know about “cool” stuff, you’d ask a 16-year-old. Being in your 20s is pretty shitty overall […]

True Stories Shared By This Instagram Account Will Make You Want Believe In Love, Once Again

We’ve grown jaded. The concept of following your dream against all odds seems too idealistic. In our search of practicality and logic, we have stopped believing in steadfast love. Or any kind of love that isn’t convenient. Today, we lack patience and are looking for an easy way out. And this is also true in […]

Is It Possible For You To Love Someone And Still Break Up With Them?

To the person I love, How many times will I give you a chance? I don’t understand why I am allowing you to be a part of my life. What is it about you that makes it so difficult for me to let you go? All of my friends are asking me the same question […]

It’s Okay To Fall In Love Again; Embrace The Beauty Of It!

I remember the first time I fell in love with someone, it was dreamy and everything felt like something out of a fantasy world. The acceptance, the love and the warmth from that person seemed like everything I always wanted but then reality happened to us and I realized that maybe what we have is […]

Here’s How You Can Deal With The Heart Ache Of One-Sided Love!

One-sided love can be extremely painful and it leaves you hollow from within. You constantly find yourself craving for something that you know might never come to you. You get up, get dressed, go to work and probably also meet folks but your mind is constantly thinking about that one person who has no idea […]

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