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Delhi Saw The Rainbows Of Freedom And Love At Its 10th Pride Parade

Hi everyone, this is 2017. You can fall in love with anyone you want to. Delhi has been breathing smog for way too long to see a rainbow but yes, it saw one this weekend. The 10th queer pride parade was a happy sight to see as the whole of Delhi was present in support […]

12 Courageous Indian Films That Portrayed Characters From The LGBTQ Community

Bollywood movies aren’t the best at portraying LGBTQ characters… Source Bollywood, thy name has never been ‘sensitivity’. Which is why there aren’t really too many valid representations of LGBTQ characters in mainstream cinema. What there is plenty of, however, is sassy gay men running around in vivid colours who are perfectly alright with their sexuality […]

Elle Brings LGBTQI People Together To Give Us A Better Understanding Of Sexuality

Sometimes we tend to forget that despite our gender, religion, and sexuality we are all just human beings. We are divided by our perception and understanding of the society but there is one thing we all have in common ‘ WE ALL HATE BEING JUDGED’, and this is something that we actually do to everyone around […]

Dad’s Emotional Video Of Finally Accepting His Daughter As A Lesbian Is What Unconditional Love Feels Like

Taiwan is almost on the verge of becoming the first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage. It would be a significant move, making Taiwan the second in the Asia Pacific region, after New Zealand in 2013. And while the country is swirling in a revolution, Home Is Love, a Taiwanese group that promotes marriage equality, came […]

Assaulted By Friends And Family, Two Transgender Men Find Shelter With Eunuchs

Barely a week after Mumbai had an LGBTQ pride march, the city witnesses a fresh wave of hatred for people from the LGBTQ community. Two transgender men were assaulted by their friends and families for not ‘being man enough’. They are now sheltered with the Hijra community, in Malvani. Navnath Sawant and Ajay Pujari are […]

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