Education Minister Insists There Will Be No Lesbianism In West Bengal Schools

Teachers are rather infamous for accusing students of things they really haven’t done. It wasn’t us who dropped the pen. It wasn’t us who laughed when your back was turned. It wasn’t us who drew an impeccable moustache on your photo. But these are relatively harmless accusations that provoke reactions ranging from laughter to a […]

Dad’s Emotional Video Of Finally Accepting His Daughter As A Lesbian Is What Unconditional Love Feels Like

Taiwan is almost on the verge of becoming the first Asian country to legalize same-sex marriage. It would be a significant move, making Taiwan the second in the Asia Pacific region, after New Zealand in 2013. And while the country is swirling in a revolution,┬áHome Is Love, a Taiwanese group that promotes marriage equality, came […]

LOVE IS LOVE: A Comic For A Cause That Brings Our Favorite Superheros Together!

In September this year, DC Comics and IDW Publishing announced the “LOVE IS LOVE” benefit project to show their support and solidarity for the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting in June. Described as a 144-page love letter to the LGBTQ community, the anthology graphic novel, curated by writer Marc Andreyko, features the work of […]

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