India Runs On Jugaad And This Jugaad Takes A Lot Of Creativity, Mr. Steve Wozniak

Like everything that happens these days, something said by a celebrity has now snowballed into a festival where everyone is busy flinging mud at each other to come out at top. And with our jugaad, we’ll definitely end the argument here. Steve Wozniak, also called The Woz, is Apple’s cofounder and one of the pioneers […]

From ‘Vada’ to ‘Gulab Jamun’, The Oxford English Dictionary Now Includes 70 Indian Words

Indians have been walking and talking English for a very long time now. As of today, there are 125 million people who speak English in India. And now, Indian English has now been acknowledged by the Oxford Dictionary. The update adds to the 900 items already covered by the dictionary and “identified as distinctive to Indian […]

20 Photos That Prove That India Will Always Remain The King Of Jugaad

India is known for its cultural diversity and its religious sentiments. We have everything under one roof, from diverse languages to lip smacking dishes on the platter. We are also known for our developing tactics, our grim fights over the most inane issues, conventionalism, love for cleanliness and what not. But if there is one […]

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