7 Times ‘Janice’ From Friends Made Us Go “Oh..My..Gawd!”

”Oh..My…Gawd”, that most dramatic ‘Oh My God’ and the laughter like a drain, yes, Janice Litman pops into our mind just the way she pops up in ‘Friends’ getting us high on barrels of fun. Since ‘Friends’ is never out of our system we just went through the funniest ‘friends’ episodes and dug out the ones where […]

7 Types Of People You Find In An Elevator

Elevators are a part and parcel of our lives now! Yes, for all those programmed ones who go back and forth to their work counting days until weekend, elevators are the start of their day, the ride to lunches and the end of  their day! While many of us consider them as nothing more than lifts, we […]

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