10 Very Real But Weirdly Specific Jobs That People Get Paid To Do

We’ve all worked jobs we love and jobs we despise. But there aren’t that many of us who can go around claiming these job titles which logically exist, but are so strange, it’s hard to really wrap our heads around them. #1 Train Pushers Source In Japan, there are attendants known as “oshiya” who can […]

Facing Mid-Week Crisis? Here Are 15 People Who Quit Their Jobs Like A Boss!

Finding the right life partner and getting the right job happens only to very fortunate people.  Source Picking the right kind of job is actually a very tough decision to make and I am sure we all find ourselves getting stuck in the wrong kind of work environment at least once in our lifetime. Sometimes […]

Here Are Google’s Toughest Job Interview Questions

If you’re lucky enough to land a job interview at one of the best places to work in, Google, you’ll definitely need to bring your A-game. Liked what you saw on DailySocial? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

10 Things That Happen While You Are Serving Your Notice Period

We have all had the pleasure of going through the ecstatic phase of being on our notice period. That time of our life when we are done with our current slavery, ready for a big change in our job, almost done with our cranky boss (usually, they are!) and waiting for our last days to […]

Important Scenes From These 7 Popular Hollywood Movies Were Filmed In India

Did you notice the Mehrangarh Fort in The Dark Knight Rises? We’ve lost count of the Bollywood movies shot abroad.There have been instances when Hollywood came to India and put the right amount of desi tadka to their films. There are films where we might have noticed India in and there are some shockers as well. […]

11 Of The Oddest Jobs In India That Will Make You Grateful For The One You Have

Everybody hates work and offices. Well, most of us do. You’ll hardly find an employee who’s perfectly happy with his/her job because you see humans will always keep craving for more. At this very moment, you’re probably even sitting and wondering, why you even do the job you do. Well, not anymore because we are […]

This Man Got Fired By His Manager For Leaving His Team’s WhatsApp Group!

Getting fired from one’s job is in itself a very painful pinch. Not only is it a direct attack on our self-worth and esteem, it seems cruel and definitely disastrous to the resume. However what can be crueler is when the reason for you getting fired is simply unrealistic. What is the most bizarre reason […]

What Is The Most Useless Job In The World? Reddit Has Some Interesting Answers

Work sucks right? It probably does, otherwise you;d be doing your job and not reading this. But now that you’re here. We’d like you to appreciate just how good you have it. There are some truly thankless jobs out there. And by thankless we don’t mean appraisal accha nahi gaya. By thankless we mean the […]

Even Google Banned Asking These Job Interview Questions Because They Were Too Tricky!

Google is undoubtedly the most amazing company to work in the world. It has a sleeping pod, a game room, a gym, and so much awesomeness. Henceforth, getting a job in the company that literally rules the world, must be quite a task, isn’t it?  Their lunch menu looks like this: The Google office never […]

What If You Get Paid To Eat Chocolate, Will You Take This Job?

If Chocolate is your top priority in life, there is a perfect job for you! The Mondelez international, a multi-confectionary company and beverage company also owns Cadbury. It posted a UK job listing on LinkedIn for Chocolate and Cocoa Beverage Taster. That’s right, a job that involves tasting and trying different kinds of chocolate, every day. Heavenly! The […]

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