Irrfan Khan

“Dank Irrfan” Is AIB’s Latest Collaboration With The Talented Actor And It’s Bound To Make Your Day

Irrfan Khan has a new movie coming out called Hindi medium. And you would know that for 2 reasons. Either you just happened to know or because AIB has just put out their latest collaboration with the actor – Dank Irrfan – and it is hilarious. Not only does the video shamelessly self-promote, it manages […]

The Trailer Of Irrfan’s ‘Hindi Medium’ Is A Hilarious Take On India’s Obsession Over English

Back in the days when my father was trying to get me through the selection interview of one of the biggest English medium schools in the city, I flunked the test as I had no clue what colorĀ  ‘Mango Bite’ was in English! Well, I did answer ‘Peela’ but since the 3-year-old me had no […]

Akshay Kumar’s Baba Elaichi Ad Lied To Me

Ads in cinemas are a noble tradition, but one year ago this advertisement caught my attention. Akshay Kumar starring in the impressive Baba Elaichi ad has captured our imagination. Akshay Kumar and his impossibly fresh breath are living the dream – eating elaichi and partying on yachts. But after a year of attempting to live […]

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