Irrfan Khan

Celebs And Fans Wish Irrfan Khan Well As He Tweets About A Possible Health Scare

Irrfan Khan remains one of the most prolific actors of his generation. Source The actor who rose to international fame with Mira Nair’s “The Namesake” soon took mainstream Bollywood by storm. Starring in commercial and critical hits like Piku, Maqbool, Haider and Hindi Medium. Going beyond how a Bollywood leading man is thought to look, […]

And The Award For Best Actor Goes To, Irfan Pathan! Or At Least That’s What Femina Thinks

Remember how excited you were when Irrfan Khan won Best Actor at Filmfare 2018? Prepare to be slightly less excited in a minute. Source The actor who delivered a stellar performance in 2017’s biggest sleeper hit was awarded for his efforts this weekend. And naturally, fans and multiple publications came crawling out of the woodwork […]

Here’s The Complete List Of Filmfare Awards 2018 Winners

Filmfare Awards are still the most respected awards ceremony for the Hindi film industry. Stalwarts from the Bollywood fraternity come together to celebrate cinema and with the diminishing state of these awards, it was important for Filmfare Awards 2018 to uphold our belief in Indian cinema. And they did deliver. Trapped and Hindi Medium had […]

7 Bollywood Actors Whose Acting Skills Are On Point But Need Some Dancing Classes

A Bollywood movie is incomplete without music and dancing. Whether the movie is drama or a biopic, there will be a dance sequence added and adjusted in the plot. Even though Bollywood has maintained its dancing prerequisite, it is not everyone’s cup of tea. Some Bollywood actors have two left feet, while others have no […]

10 Indian Actors You Didn’t Know Have Worked In Hollywood Films

Our Bollywood actors have not only won hearts in our country but have also shown some brilliant performances in Hollywood and we honestly couldn’t be more proud. Source Well, not all of them have been awesome and there are some movies we wish they weren’t a part of. Source Performances like these, we hope to […]

The Early Roles Of 7 Bollywood Big Wigs Who Worked As Junior Artists And Extras

As a recent college graduate can attest, everyone needs to start somewhere. Many get their head start in life by being in the right place at the right time, many get it because either their father or mother or both did all the hard work for them. But there are still many success stories that […]

We Compared The Best And Worst Performances Of 10 Working Bollywood Actors

We all have days when we’re just not into our jobs. We might be tired, hungover or just plain bored. But Bollywood actors don’t really have the same freedom that we do. Because when they are terrible at their jobs, it lasts about 3 hours and there are millions watching them. The same millions who […]

Irrfan Khan Will Be Starring In Amazon Prime Video’s New Original Series ‘The Ministry’

Some good news to tide you over – Irrfan Khan is teaming up with Amazon Prime for an original series. Source Amazon Prime is having a good run with the audience these days. After a successful tie-up with top Indian comedians, they have now signed up Irrfan Khan for an original series. Source ‘The Ministry’ will […]

Irrfan Khan Finally Opens Up About Being Sexually Harrassed In This Heart Breaking Interview

Sexual harassment should not be taken lightly, irrespective of genders. Source The Harvey Weinstein sexual harassment has blown out with many Hollywood celebrities raising their voice against sexual harassment and assault. The numbers are staggering. With more than 50 actresses – including Gwyneth Paltrow and Angelina Jolie – accused the film producer of sexually harassing […]

These Hilarious Dank Irrfan Khan Memes Will Make You Go LOL!

With his new collaboration with AIB, Irrfan has proved that there is nothing that he can’t do. In a recent video with AIB, he acted out our favorite memes and we honestly went ROFL! These Irrfan memes is definitely one of the best things that happened to the internet! Having a bad day? Worry not, […]

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