Inspired By Tripura’s CM, I Tried Looking For Things That India Invented Before Firangis

Disclaimer: Please take this article with a pinch of salts. A huge chunk of this is satire. Anyone hurt with this article needs to take care of their feelings. Yesterday, Tripura’s brand new Chief Minister┬áBiplab Deb came up with a new theory and made a few stunning claims. He had this to say: “India has […]

10 Brilliant And Wacky Inventions From The Villages Of India

Humanity has never lacked for examples of unique inventions. Right from the wheel, we’ve never ceased to amaze with new and interesting things. But very often, we think of scientific discovery being something that is achieved by stern looking scientists in fancy lab coats. But that’s not necessarily true. A lot of times, invention is […]

7 Life-Changing Things We Wouldn’t Know About If Their Creators Weren’t High AF

Some of the most important discoveries made by mankind were done when high. Take a look.

10 Mind-Bending Inventions That Will Have You Reaching For Your Wallets In 2018

Humanity can sometimes be disappointing. Source But there’s nothing like good old-fashioned innovation and creativity that will make you appreciate just how far our species has come from living in caves. #1 Inflatable Shower Curtain Source Elisabeth Buecher’s inflatable shower curtain is designed to make you spend significantly less time in the shower. Designed to […]

This Is What These 10 Everyday Products Looked Like When They Were Invented

Ever wondered how the first ever Cadbury chocolate was made? Everyone knows how a fridge or a motorcycle looks like now. But do you know how the first motorcycle looked like? The products we use regularly weren’t the same when they were invented. The way technology has advanced through centuries is really surprising. These 10 […]

These 15 Inventions From Recent Times Will Restore Your Faith In Technology!

Designers and inventors are wonderful people who are constantly thinking how to make this world a better place for all of us with the help of technology. Their ideas and implementations are what results in amazing products being made and we honestly can’t thank them enough. Source In order to recognize the efforts made by […]

Here’s A List Of Some Amazing Inventions That You Probably Didn’t Know Were Made By Indians!

There are some objects that hold the same relevance worldwide and wouldn’t it be awesome to know that most of them were invented in our own country! Here is a list of some amazing things that we’d never think were invented by Indians. 1) Buttons! Source Buttons were first used in Mohenjo-Daro for ornamental purpose. […]

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