10 Examples Of Savagery So Great That They Deserve An Award Of Their Own

Here are some of the best that we found on the Internet and they are hilarious.

The Man Who Predicted The Internet Around 40 Years Before It Was Invented

Marshall McLuhan predicted the internet in 1962. Freaky, right? This man not only predicted the internet but he also mentioned that there would be used. McLuhan foresaw the internet 35 years before it was actually invented. He said that people would be connected in more profound ways than they used to before. Born in 1911, McLuhan went […]

5 People Who Got Famous On The Internet Because We Have Way Too Much Time

The Internet is a home for each and everyone. Just one click and we end up spending hours and hours on one app. At times, we end up finding some treasure like AIB but every now and then we end up finding those that make our hearts cringe. 1. Dhinchak Pooja Source This list is […]

This Is What Happens On The Internet In One Minute

One minute, 60 seconds, 60000 milliseconds; One moment can change everything! Ek minute ki keemat, tum kya jaano Ramesh babu? One minute can make you or break you. The internet is a funny place to be in. We normally lose track of time when we’re on the net, right? If every minute counts, then what happens […]

‘Climbing An Invisible Box’ Is Sweeping The Internet And This 16 Year Old Shows How It’s Done

The Internet works in strange ways. We don’t really know when what will start trending, or why it will start trending! But one thing is for sure, it keeps us entertained. And also pays the bills of people like me. But I digress. So, the latest, pointless, trend on the internet is this ‘invisible box’ […]

‘Kamlesh Is Now 18 Yrs Old’, Director Of Kamlesh’s Original Documentary Speaks Up

The internet is an untamed force that yields as much as it destroys. A few weeks ago, memes on a drug addict child from Delhi, started surfacing the internet. The memes grew in number as the number of people objecting to the memes also increased. The memes were taken out of context from a documentary […]

6 Times We Can’t Believe We Were Fooled By Fake Internet Pictures

The internet is a magical place. A  place where you can connect with people all around the world, a place to learn countless skills for free, a place where someone like Dhinchak Pooja can become famous. But the internet is not all puppies and rainbows. There are countless instances of horrible things popping up online […]

Govt Of India Plans To Reinstate The Law That Sends People To Jail For Status Updates

Section 66A of the IT Act was a nightmare and was scraped down by the Government in 2015. Section 66A of the Information Technology Act, 2000 was the unconstitutional tool used to curb free speech on social media. According to a report on the Internet Free Foundation, the Government Committee plans on bringing Section 66 […]

Shortcuts To Winning Arguments On The Internet Without Losing Your Mind!

The Internet is similar to an Indian monument. You see a brilliant structure all clean and pristine but as you walk out and get around the monument you see dirty lanes with garbage all over the streets. The Internet is essentially more of that filthy street. We have freedom of expression and speech. At times this freedom […]

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