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Here Are 15 Legit Facts That Have The Power Of Blowing Your Mind

The human brain is actually very easy to fascinate and sometimes, even the tiniest of information leaves us flabbergasted!  Source Before I give you all the fascinating fun facts, here’s one to ruin your day: TODAY IS NOT FRIDAY  Source Let’s begin this ‘DID YOU KNOW’ spree: 1) You Can Eat Gold  It makes sense […]

8 Interesting Facts About The Toys We Grew Up Playing With

As kids, we spent all year waiting for Christmas because it was the only time of year we’d get new toys. Come December and we’d meticulously write out our letters to Santa Claus and then wait till they’d magically appear under the tree. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say then, that toys occupied a […]

10 Interesting Facts About Dreams You Must Know To Keep Dreaming

Not everything that happens to a human body has got an explanation. Especially things connected to the human mind. Dreams happen to us every now and then while we sleep. Sometimes we remember them vividly and many times we only have a vague idea of what went on while we were asleep. And then comes […]

Ever Wondered Why Fashion Models Don’t Smile On The Runway? This Is Why

When you are walking on the runway in the best pieces of haute couture by the best of designers, with hordes of cameras flashing at you, there is just no reason for you to not flash a smile. Isn’t it? But since the evolution of time, there has never been a fashion model who would […]

10 Randomly Amazing Facts That Would Make You Go Whoa!

As a human, there is so much to know about the world around us! No matter how well read or educated we are, the world is always ready to amaze us. There is always going to be something new, unknown about the world that would leave us stunned. Here are 10 random facts that are […]

Here’s What You Should Do If A Song Is Stuck In Your Head And Doesn’t Leave You Alone

After a boring day, I have finally managed to get hold of the amazing movie with my friends and just as I am happy to get the weekend started, the ‘Vicco Turmeric’ ad plays. And rest is history! I remembered the silly ad by heart, despite trying to memorize the hymns of Sikhism for years! And […]

Ever Thought Why Porn Films Are Called Blue Films In India? Quora Has Some Interesting Answers!

They have filled our teenage years, kept us awake through hostel nights, been the center of discussion in truths and dares and given our imagination a dimension that sometimes defied all laws of physics! Well, admit it or not, we all have had our encounter with porn and called it a ‘blue film’ without even […]

Here’s Why You Get Goosebumps When You Listen To A Particular Song

You are having the best time of your life as you wander with your imagination with your playlist along! It’s just you and the rhythm of your favorite song, with you dancing subtly to the lyrics and then wait a minute, a shiver goes down your spine, poking your ears straight, raising the hair on […]

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