6 Insanely Beautiful Women Pilots Who Are Ruling Instagram From The Skies!

Everything related to planes is mesmerizing, isn’t it? When it comes to flying up in the air, there is a different kind of adrenaline to it. Flight travels have their own personal glamour attached to them. And how about the one who’s flying the airplane? Well, pilots have one of the coolest jobs in the […]

Diljit Dosanjh Takes His One-Sided Relationship To Gal Gadot After Kylie Jenner ‘Got Angry’

When Diljit Dosanjh has a fan moment, his fans too, get to enjoy the show. We have already seen him hovering around Kylie’s Instagram profile like a teenage boy, but it seems that Diljit is now having a change of heart. His new found love on social media is Wonder Woman Gal Gadot and seems […]

True Stories Shared By This Instagram Account Will Make You Want Believe In Love, Once Again

We’ve grown jaded. The concept of following your dream against all odds seems too idealistic. In our search of practicality and logic, we have stopped believing in steadfast love. Or any kind of love that isn’t convenient. Today, we lack patience and are looking for an easy way out. And this is also true in […]

Meet The Guy Who Has Mastered The Art Of Taking Selfies With Animals

Taking selfies with humans is too mainstream! At least for 29-year-old Allan Dixon from Ireland who has got the uncanny ability to talk to animals and get them posing for a picture with him. He seems to befriend animals and sometimes it takes from 5 minutes to three hours for him to get the perfect shot. […]

John Cena Has Feelings About Indian Legends And We’re Unable To Understand

We love how unpredictable everyone is social media! Every 90’s kid knows who John Cena is. He’s the one you can’t see. His Instagram profile is as amazing as he is on WWE! All we can understand is that this man appreciates athletes from around the globe. His profile is filled with posts about athletes. […]

Amitabh Bachchan’s First Concert With Sridevi And Aamir Khan Are What Throwbacks Are Made Of

Amitabh Bachchan’s twitter is an absolute pleasure for anyone who loves keeping their accounts neat and organized. Source The man is a genius at classy self-promotion, uniquely categorizing his own brand of “star”. But this time he’s really taken over the social media game with an adorable throwback to him attending a concert at London’s […]

Here’s Why WWE Superstar John Cena Posted A Picture Of Rahul Dravid On His Instagram

You can’t see him, but you can definitely see this post. There are two kinds of people in the world – those who’ve had John Cena’s entrance music as their ringtone and those who have never watched WWE. The main man of WWE, Cena, has a ton of followers across the globe who believe in […]

This Guy Put Up A Hilarious Instagram Post To Shame Friends Who Don’t ‘Like’ His Posts

Jo dost tumhara post like na kare, woh dost nahi saanp hai. What’s the most frustrating moment of your life? You do all the work but your boss takes all the credit? When you look at your crush dating someone who isn’t even as attractive as you are? Eating ‘Sushi’ because one of your fancy […]

Diljit Dosanjh’s Recent Body Transformation Is Going To Distract You From Your Work

Actor and singer Diljit Dosanjh is the latest sweetheart of film fans in India. And he loves ton pamper his fans with snippets from his personal life on his social media accounts. He’s been working on his body lately and DAMN, that is one body transformation we love <3   Pehchan Kaun 🚨 A post […]

12 Signs You Are On The Way To Becoming A Social Media Addict

Social media is becoming a huge part of our day. In fact, can you even think of spending a day without your phone and not constantly missing it? Ironically, you are reading this too on one of your social media apps, I am sure. Not that the present world of unlimited connection and data speeds […]

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