Revealed: The Empowering Truth Behind Picture Perfect Photos On Instagram

Chessie King is determined to make it a body positive movement.

This Artist Creates Some Incredibly Cool Art With Just A Pen And Some Bananas

People tend to have a very limited number of things that come to mind when they think of the word “art”. A canvas is usually involved, along with an individual who’s dedicated his life to aesthetics and capturing multiple feelings in a static image. what doesn’t come to mind is one dude and a banana. […]

John Cena Put Up A Picture With Shah Rukh Khan’s Quote On His Instagram And Confuses Everyone

There are two kinds of people in the world – those who’ve had John Cena’s entrance music as their ringtone and those who have never watched WWE. The main man of WWE, Cena, has a ton of followers across the globe who believe in his mantra of Hustle, Loyalty and Respect. And every Cena fan […]

Artist Tranforms Locations From Around The World With Clever Paper Cut-Outs

Travel photos can get a little – monotonous. There’s only so many time you can see dramatic recreations of the same building or vista over and over again. But there are ways to make things interesting. “Follow Me” for example, where a woman mercilessly drags someone along on expensive international vacations. But Instagrammer paperboyo is transforming one […]

10 Unintentionally Funny Comments You Will Only Find On Indian Actors’ Pictures

Bollywood actors lead a pretty charmed life right? Source They have money, gym memberships and get to eat at the kind of restaurants where food is served on tiny plates. But not everything about being a movie star is easy. There are moments where they must truly be questioning the world around them. Some of […]

Anushka Sharma Posted These Adorable Insta Stories About Virat’s Innings Yesterday

India beat South Africa in the first One-day international and Virat Kohli’s fantastic 112-run innings off 119 balls played a huge part in it. Chasing 270, India didn’t have the best of starts but the skipper managed to steady the boat and lead the charge against the Proteas. While Kohli was working his magic on […]

These 10 Animals Have More Instagram Followers Than Most Of Us Have Combined

Whenever we have our phone under our hands, the first thing we do is check out the various social media pages. Let’s admit it, Instagram is our favourite place to go for pictures and memes. We end up scrolling through the pictures of landscapes, art and cute animals. You might have couple thousands of followers […]

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