The Stories That Inspired These 6 Evergreen Disney Films Are Not Kid Friendly

Inspiration is everywhere, they say. And what matters more, is what you choose to do with the inspiration. To be honest, Disney movies do have their dark side. The evil twin sisters, the beast, the monsters; they exist and we can fight them. That’s all we have learned from Disney throughout these years. Having said […]

20 Haruki Murakami Quotes On Love, Loneliness And Everything In Between

Haruki Murakami is one of the most well-known writers. He was recently nominated for the Nobel prize in Literature. If you just sit down and read one of his books, it will leave you in another world. His words can simply change your mind and thoughts. His novels have magical realism, mysterious people, and commonly […]

Tiger Zinda Hai Looks Awfully Similar To This Famous Video Game Franchise

Thoda sa inspiration, thoda sa perspiration aur ban gaya superhit Tiger ka zindadil formula. Tiger Zinda Hai finally revealed the much anticipated trailer and with that, you could hear a huge roar from  countless bhai fans. It was a field day for a lot of us bhai fans who can’t wait to see Salman bhai […]

7 Lesser Known Stories About Shah Rukh Khan That Will Make You Love Him Even More

King Khan has been ruling our hearts and the box office ever since he entered Bollywood. There is so much written about King Khan every day and we only want to know more about the superstar. The man has come a long way since his ‘Fauji’ days. Shah Rukh Khan’s story of struggle has been […]

These 10 Basic Mantras Are The Key To A Happy Life!

Life is not as complicated as we tend to think of it. If we abide by some basic mantras of life, there is nothing that can stop us from achieving happiness and success. Source Living a life that is beautiful is actually not that difficult. There are some every day things that you need to […]

This Old Speech By Rahul Bose Holds True Even Today And Is The One You NEED To Watch ASAP

In the video, Rahul Bose talks about this dream for himself and the nation. His thoughts are progressive and quite refreshing, they will give you a boost of inspiration.

We’re Totally Crushing Over This 50-Year-Old Man ‘Chuando’ Who Looks 20!

We’re pretty sure this guy would give our Bollywood actors tough competition! This fine human is Chuando Tan, a Singaporean model, and photographer.  He is probably aging in reverse and we are so hitting the gym after seeing him! His friends call him CD and the internet is losing it over him since a Chinese news […]

This Amazon Delivery Boy’s ‘Chai’ Startup Proves That Dreams Do Come True!

They say if you’re scared to dream big, you’ll never make it large in life and it is very true. To become successful it is extremely important to have a dream and then the right plan to make it come true. This inspiring story of this Amazon delivery boy and his ‘chai’ delivery startup will […]

Kerala’s Samurai Granny Is 73 And She Is Still Kicking Asses!

They say that is age is just a number and Meenakshi Raghavan Gurukkal from Kerala is definitely proving it right. She walks out wearing a graceful saree and holding a sword and there’s nothing that is 73ish about her. Meenakshi Raghavan is the oldest female practitioner of Kalaripayattu, an ancient martial art form that originated in […]

Samosa Seller’s Son Holds The Sixth Rank For JEE Mains 2017!

We often tend to blame our surroundings for our failures. We tend to find faults in our external environment, it could be electricity, comfortable house, money, food, anything for that matter. Success is obtained only with hard work and this samosa seller’s son achieving the top rank in JEE Mains is an example of it. Source […]

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