Indians Are Asking Life’s Most Important Questions On Quora And No One Has An Answer

If I had a choice between using Quora and dying in Delhi’s kohra, I’d chose to die. Quora has become a cesspool of engineers who are trying a little too hard to one up each other while participating in a circle-jerk. In this competition of ‘How IIT can you get’, information takes a backseat as […]

Here Are A Few New Year Resolutions That India Should Try And Keep Up In 2018

Some promises are meant to be broken but there’s something special about New Year Resolutions that make us believe that we’ll be able to break this exact notion. As a country, we take pride in the fact that people from several background peacefully co-exist here. And since we’re not allowed to question that assumption, we’ve […]

Here’s A List Of Some Amazing Inventions That You Probably Didn’t Know Were Made By Indians!

There are some objects that hold the same relevance worldwide and wouldn’t it be awesome to know that most of them were invented in our own country! Here is a list of some amazing things that we’d never think were invented by Indians. 1) Buttons! Source Buttons were first used in Mohenjo-Daro for ornamental purpose. […]

Like That Only – 10 Most Amazingly Pointless World Records India Can Be Proud Of

“World Record”- The word sounds very impressive when you say it. Till you realize world records can be for just about anything. From farting to burping to yelling to sitting in a chair, there is somebody somewhere who decided to do it for the longest time. But in this unnecessary race, India has truly come […]

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