Meet Shiva Keshavan – The Only Indian Athlete Competing At This Year’s Winter Olympics

Shiva Keshavan has been an unstoppable force of nature and this is his sixth Winter Olympics. It’s a shame that he isn’t celebrated as much as he should be by our citizens, the government and the media. For the last 22 years, Shiva Keshavan has been a part of the Indian contingent for the Winter […]

Indians Erupted With Joy As The All-Women Biker Group Made A Breathtaking Debut At Republic Day

The 69th Republic Day celebrations took place at Rajpath today and it had a lot to offer its viewers. However, the highlight of the event was the sensational debut of BSF’s all-women contingent who performed daredevil bike-borne stunts to leave the viewers dazzled. Bike-borne stunts are performed by the Indian Army and the BSF every […]

Indians Are Asking Life’s Most Important Questions On Quora And No One Has An Answer

If I had a choice between using Quora and dying in Delhi’s kohra, I’d chose to die. Quora has become a cesspool of engineers who are trying a little too hard to one up each other while participating in a circle-jerk. In this competition of ‘How IIT can you get’, information takes a backseat as […]

8 Unnecessarily Expensive Versions Of The Cheap Alcohol You Know And Love

Daru is the bedrock for many noble traditions. Without alcohol, there would be so much we would be unable to accomplish. We wouldn’t be able to talk to new people, dance in crowded spaces or even hit on people more attractive than us. You think we sound like consummate alcoholics, probably do. But there is no […]

This Fast And The Furious Indian Parody Will Leave You In Splits

Fast And Furious India! There’s action, there’s drama, there’s bromance and a whole lotta family. Liked what you saw on DailySocial? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Thought Interstellar Was Confusing? ‘Yeh Hai Mohabbatein’ Takes Science To The Next Level

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein is something even science can’t explain. Indian television is a gift that keeps on giving. Time and again, we come across scenes and shows that don’t have any scientific or logical explanation behind them. Having dealt with the lack of any logic for most part of 2017, Indian TV has once again […]

Weird Facts About Indian Television That No One Else Is Going To Tell You

Indian Television polarises opinions almost as much as political parties do. But one thing is for certain, when Tulsi Virani saw Mihir ‘return’ from his apparent death, thousands of Indians were cheering in front of their TV screens. For something that is so closely knit with our social fibre, we definitely need to give them […]

Meet The Mumbai Men Who Became Millionaires By Selling Vada Pao On The Streets Of London

Let this be your motivation story of 2017! When the recession hit London, Sujay Sohani, lost his job but now he earns more than 4 crores annually! The recession got people in financial distress across the globe. Many of the people working abroad and in India, lost their jobs. While there is still a job crisis […]

10 Things To Tell Your Tamilian Friend To Annoy The Hell Out Of Them

Things that every Tamilian is tired of hearing.

These Hilarious Election Posters Will Make You Want To Start Your Own Political Party

This is a party alright; just not a political one. A famous song once said ‘Aunty Police bula legi’. It was followed by ‘Par party yuhi chalegi’. Keeping up with this theme, a handful of supporters put the party in politics by celebrating their heroes in a … creative(?) way. This often turns hilarious because […]

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