Thank You Ashish Nehra For Everything You’ve Done For The Indian Cricket Team

Fans of the Indian Cricket team might not have always been in favour of Ashish Nehra, but he always poured his heart out on the field for the team, the fans and above all, India. Hi Ashish, Sometimes in life, we come across people who we don’t always hit it off with. They are a […]

Indian Football Fans Took Over The Delhi Metro With Their Passionate Chants & It Was Amazing

“Oh when the Bluessss… Go marching in! I wanna be in that number… When the Blues go marching in!” As you all know, the FIFA U17 World Cup is being held in India right now. A billion dreams turned into a reality as the Indian team finally managed to make an appearance in a FIFA […]

7 Of The Shittiest Gifts Indian Relatives Love To Give Each Other For Some Reason

The hardest part of being a relative isn’t being there for your family. It isn’t visiting and offering support, it’s giving gifts. It is challenging. You could go with something classy like a pen, or a watch. Something fun like a shot glass or a PlayStation. Something shady like lingerie or condoms. They’re all acceptable, […]

8 Unnecessarily Expensive Versions Of The Cheap Alcohol You Know And Love

Daru is the bedrock for many noble traditions. Without alcohol, there would be so much we would be unable to accomplish. We wouldn’t be able to talk to new people, dance in crowded spaces or even hit on people more attractive than us. You think¬†we sound like consummate alcoholics, probably do. But there is no […]

Here’s How Indian Cricketers Celebrated Independence Day On Their Tour Of Sri-Lanka

Patriotism and Cricket are the two strings that hold the cultural fibre of India together. The Indian Cricket team is the perfect mix of both. Recently, our cricketers have been doing really well on the field. In a team effort, India has managed to rustle the feathers of a Sri Lankan side that didn’t look […]

Indian Hackers Have Managed To Hack Pakistani Government’s Official Website

What do Bhairon Singh (Border), Govind Singh (Border), Kabir Khan (Chak De! India), Tara Singh (Gadar) and ne0-h4ck3r have in common? They’ve all added to Pakistan’s misery. After Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif was ousted by their Supreme Court over allegations of forgery that were brought to the fore-front through the Panama Papers, their government […]

Abhinav Bindra Slams The Indian Government After Para-Swimmers Forced To Beg in Berlin

Olympic gold medalist Abhinav Bindra has hit out at the Sports Ministry after a shocking and sad incident involving para-athlete has come to light. Bindra took to social media to make everyone aware including the Sports Minister Vijay Goel and Prime Minister Narendra Modi about the incident where Indian para-swimmer Kanchanmala Pande along with five […]

12 Silliest Things That We Indians Feel Unnecessarily Guilty About, Explained With SRK Gifs!

No human on earth has ever not felt guilty. The guilt is a sign of good conscience or having humanity. We have all been there where we feel guilty for ignoring someone’s call. Or maybe not calling your parents enough. There have also been times where spending money on useless things has given you sleepless […]

India Might Win or Lose, But I’ll Always Be Proud Of My Team India

Dear Team India, I started following you when I was very young. My first memory of cricket is of the NatWest Trophy final Half the famous batting line up was in the pavillion When Kaif and Yuvraj walked in. The rest is history. That day, I fell in love with you. I remember going crazy […]

Yuvraj Dedicated His Victory To The Cancer Survivors And Twitter Can’t Stop Adoring Him For It!

Yuvraj Singh is definitely one of the finest players that our cricket team could ever have! His performance with time just kept on¬†getting better. Not only is Yuvraj an amazing sportsman, he is also an equally amazing human being. Being focused and determined is in his nature whether it’s on the pitch or in his […]

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