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Bet You Didn’t Know: India Reached The Women’s World Cup Finals In 2005

Although, India fell 9 runs short of creating history. We’re so proud of the girls for last night’s game. Women’s cricket has never been in the limelight like men’s has. They play the same sport, they play for the same country but the fairer sex doesn’t receive the same amount of appreciation. We bet you […]

Are Cows Safer Than Women? This Artist Has Started A Protest By Making Women Wear Cow Masks

How safe are women in this country? If you tune into your smartphones/TV screens/newspapers, there’s one news that has been a constant – a crime against women, rape cases and politicians defending the ‘boys’. All these records speak only for the month of June, by the way! The newspapers are full of many such brutal cases. Women […]

Dear Women, Stop Searching For What Defines you; Just Believe In Yourself!

What exactly are the qualities of being a woman? What certain rules and regulations do I follow to show that I take pride in embracing my womanhood? I have been told, there is a certain way of dressing up. Women have been told that they have to look a certain way to show the world […]

Curves Or No Curves, These 5 Women With Different Body Types Pull Off A Sari In Equally Stunning Ways

Remember that time when Shobhaa De opened her outspoken mouth about Kate Middleton not draping a saree on her visit to India. The problem wasn’t with her exercising her right to expression, but what she wrote came from a deep-rooted mentality of connecting the Indian outfit of a Sari with curves. Kate has skipped wearing a […]

This Girliyapa Video Is Humorously Relatable!

In this fun, quirky video, the first in their series, Girliyapa tackles an important issue: How there’s that one really hot girl in the group who hogs all the attention and makes the others feel like DUFFs. Titled “Why Should Hot Girls Have All The Fun?”, the video has EVERY thought us lesser mortals think […]

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