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The Crying Child Who Went Viral Is Singer Toshi’s Niece And This Is What He Has To Say

Remember the girl who was crying while her mother was teaching her counting numbers? The video which went viral was shared by cricketers Virat Kohli, Shikhar Dhawan, Yuvraj Singh and Robin Uthappa appealing parents not to indulge in child abuse.  The 3-year-old kid is Haya, niece of Bollywood singers Toshi and Sharib Sabri. When Hindustan Times […]

Some Video Games Are Fun For The Whole Family, These 7 Are Not!

Video games are still too weird for their own good. Even today, the games we play might not be the best for our parents to look at. But if your parents are anything like mine, they’ll walk into your room anyway. Because if you lock the door, they’ll just tell you they own the lock. […]

5 Awkward Questions Indian Doctors Insist On Asking In Front Of Your Parents

Doctors are important, right? There must be something that everyone insists on paying them for. But there’s no doubt, regardless of how good they are at their jobs, they enjoy a lot of perks. They get prestige, shiny white coats and in movies, they’re always unreasonably sexy. But despite all of this, they insist on […]

12 Tweets That Totally Nail The Struggle Of Having Indian Parents

Indian homes are unique. And their uniqueness has more to do with having unique parents with their typical Indian idiosyncrasies. They are more protective and have a twisted sense of logic that parents from other countries lack. These traits make life tougher for a normal Indian kid and also creates great material for situational comedy. These tweets […]

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