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Celebrate Women’s Day With Women Cricketers Being Paid Way Less Than The Men

Hey, it’s Women’s Day. Another arbitrary excuse to buy a wallet because it’s 15% off. Yay. But no day is without its flaws, which is why it would be prudent to bring up the BCCI’s new pay structure. The one that deals with inflating player’s accounts based on a tier system. The change made this […]

It’s Rahul Dravid’s Birthday And Twitter Has Come Out Batting For India’s Legendary Player

Cricket brings India together to fight with each other. But every now and then, something or someone so inspirational comes along that we are capable of shutting our traps and just appreciating their dedication to what is undoubtedly India’s most cherished sport. And one such legend is Rahul Dravid. Source Starting his career at the age […]

The Villa Virat And Anushka Got Married In Is One Of The Most Expensive Venues On The Globe

Anushka Sharma in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar Bride, three years ago said that if she were to have a destination wedding, it would be in ‘somewhere like a vineyard perhaps’. It seems she got her destination wedding! Yesterday, she and Indian skipper Virat Kohli tied the knot and officially made a statement. The Phillauri girl […]

Sri Lanka Just Reminded Us What It Was Like To Play A Match Without Sachin In The 90s

For decades, scenic hills have been the setting for love and romance. Today felt like the hills were the background for anal fornification of Indian expectations from their batsmen. From 16/5 to 29/7 to finally managing to end the innings at 112, this Indian innings has caused heart related concerns to thousands of Indians. Nobody […]

10 Times MS Dhoni Was Showered With Praise By His Fellow Cricketers

Even to those who know almost nothing about the sport, MS Dhoni is a prominent figure in modern Indian culture. As captain of the Indian cricket team from 2007 to 2017, MS Dhoni was the humble and talented figure that both the media and the public could not get enough of. His performances were always […]

[Watch] Kohli And Dhoni’s On Field Moment Will Remind You Of Your One True Bro

Dhoni + Kohli= MahiRat is a thing, we’re loving it and so is the rest of the internet! The two names that come to our minds when someone says cricket, Dhoni and Kohli. Not only are they the most talented cricketers but they are also the greatest of friends. Their companionship is a delight on […]

This Is How Much Your Favorite Indian Cricketers Make In A Year

India’s love for cricket knows no boundaries. The cricketers have only proved that they deserve more. India loves cricket as much as a sweet tooth loves cake. The amount of loyalty the cricket fans show is immense and adorable. We bleed blue when these men make us proud and our hearts skip a bit at […]

Ever Wondered Why There Are 3 Stars On The Indian Cricket Team’s Jersey? The Reason Will Make You Proud

There are 3 stars on India’s ODI jersey and the reason is something to be proud of. India’s love for cricket is never ending and unconditional too. India is killing it this ODI season and we couldn’t be more proud of the men in blue! The amount of love and devotion we have towards the […]

Kolkata Rains Didn’t Stop Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni And Team From Playing A Quick Match Of Football

Virat Kohli, MS Dhoni, Yuzvendra Chahal and Ravindra Jadeja and others join in for a fun football match during their practice sessions.

Ravi Shastri At Yesterday’s Match Gave Twitterati A Dose Of Laughter On A Monday Morning

India won the match by 26 runs and Dhoni amazed everyone. India’s first ODI against Australia went exceedingly well. The men in blue were on fire as they scored 281/7 in 50 overs. Australia scored 137/9. It was a nail biter till the very end. Dhoni proved it that he is indeed the king of Chennai […]

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