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16 Actor-Director Jodis In Indian Cinema That Changed The Course Of Film-making

Indian cinema has a history of some really great movie partnerships.

One Indian Film Continues To Be In This Year’s Oscar Race Even After Newton’s Exit

Ever since Lagaan, India’s entry for Best Foreign Film has not been shortlisted for an Oscar. Source Now, there’s always an argument to be made that Oscars don’t really dictate the best of world cinema and it’s pretty much a bunch of rich people patting themselves on the back. But behind that cynicism, there are […]

6 Bollywood Items That Were Auctioned For Way Too Much Moolah

Going once, going twice and sold! The items used by our favorite Bollywood stars are invaluable for any Bollywood lover. The way the movie industry makes us fall in love with everything is beyond your imagination. So, some of the costumes are auctioned for the cinema lovers and most of the times the money collected […]

“I Think I Should Move In With Akshay Kumar”, Will Smith On The Best Food He’s Had In Life

Iconic Hollywood actor Will Smith was in Mumbai for the promotion of his upcoming movie, Bright which is produced by Netflix. Though he was in India for just a few hours, his fans went crazy at the Mumbai premiere. Source In an interview with a leading daily, Will spoke about his secret trip to India […]

15 Bollywood Actresses From The 2000s Who Completely Vanished From The Movies

The show business can be a difficult place to break into. But more than breaking in, it is difficult to hold on to your place in the limelight. Those who manage to do this, survive in the industry. The others, however, just fall by the wayside. There were a host of new actresses who made […]

As Neeraj Vora Passes Away, Bollywood Takes A Moment To Acknowledge His Genius

Writer-director Neeraj Vora passed away today at 3 am, at a Mumbai Hospital. He was 54. Source Neeraj was in a coma for the last 11 months, following a heart attack and a stroke that he suffered in 2016. He had been staying at Firoz Nadiadwala’s house for a few months. Last night, his condition […]

This Is The Other Queen In ‘Padmavati’ No One Is Talking About

‘Padmavati’ is more than just about Rani Padmini portrayed by Deepika Padukone. Although, the fate of ‘Padmavati’ is still uncertain. There is a lot the audience will be missing out on if the movie doesn’t end up releasing. There is no doubt that it is a cinematic masterpiece and the actors look stunning. There is […]

Times Now Is Condoling The Death Of The Wrong Shashi!

Shashi Kapoor passed away today, at the age of 79. A true legend who gave so much to the Hindi film industry, his demise is an irreplaceable loss to the country. However, a major news corporation erred big time in reporting the news. Times Now wrongly reported that Shashi Tharoor, and not Kapoor had passed […]

6 Cricketers Who Unconditionally Fell In Love With Bollywood Actresses

India is equally head over heels over cricket and Bollywood. Cricket being the most dedicatedly watched sport is the only thing that equates Bollywood entertainment for our country. So what happens when our favourite cricketers get married to B-town beauties? Well, we all get super excited and happy to get the best of both worlds. […]

Akshay Kumar Opens Up Like Never Before About His Struggle In Bollywood

Whether you like Akshay Kumar or dislike him, he has successfully carved a certain niche for himself in an industry otherwise laden with money and glamour. After spending decades trying to make a name for himself, Akshay Kumar recently opened up about his initial struggle in the film industry and how his perseverance helped him […]

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