Kohli Does The Unthinkable, Takes One-Day Cricket To Another Level After Today’s Century

Over the last decade, millions of articles and other web-pieces related to Virat Kohli have been posted on the internet. The frequency of these published posts however refuses to slow down. Whether it’s India’s victory or defeat, Virat Kohli always manages to be in the center of it. Sometimes even when he’s not in the […]

The Petrol Prices In These 18 Countries Are Worlds Apart From India

Here is how India fares in petrol rates compared to other countries in the world.

These Future Superstars Just Made Us World Champions Under The Guidance Of Rahul Dravid

The World Cup is headed back to India. Our U19 team has managed to completely dominate all the teams in the tournament to bring the coveted trophy back to our country. Being coached by Rahul Dravid, our youngsters have already shown glimpses of brilliance on the field. A young bowling line-up has impressed everyone with […]

7 Bollywood Celebs Who Lashed Out Against False And Hate Fuelled News About Themselves

The rumor mill that dedicatedly churns Bollywood for gossip has made false news a part of their jobs. After dealing with the incessant press surrounding their every action, it’s a miracle Bollywood actors get any work done. But sometimes false news goes a step too far, to the point where actors have to intercede and […]

Here’s The History Behind The ‘Halwa Ceremony’ That Happens Before Every Budget Is Presented

Our honorable Finance Minister, Arun Jaitley, delivered his fifth and last full Budget in the Parliament today. You must have definitely read about every little detail that has been presented in the annual budget as it is being extensively discussed and debated on almost every news channel. But we’re not here to talk about the budget. […]

The List Of Most Weed Consuming Cities Is Out And Indians Are High Up There

Weed is the absolute best. We’ve been told. We’ve never tried it. We promise. But despite its popularity and relatively low-risk levels compared to other drugs, weed remains quite illegal in India. In fact, weed is very much the “beef” of criminalised drugs. Because it’s very hard to make the authorities understand that there are already a […]

This Pakistani Groom’s Epic Undertaker Entry Will Make Your Wedding Look Like Crap

Weddings get one of two reactions from people – “Aw” or “ew”.  As if it wasn’t bad enough spending two to four days surrounded by love, there’s more. From spending butt-tonnes of cash on itchy clothes you’re never going to wear again to a tiny parade whose theme seems to be people asking you when you’re planning […]

India Beats Pakistan In The U19 World Semis And Gives Twitter A Mauka For Jokes

India beat Pakistan in the U19 World Cup semi finals earlier today. Fans were biting their nails off in tremendous anxiety as both the teams had performed quite well in the series with India knocking off Bangladesh in the Quarter-Finals on 26th January by 131 runs and, Pakistan getting an edge over South Africa sometime […]

Unmarried People, Do You Want To Enter This Park In Tamil Nadu? Well That’s Too Bad

Parks are for children to play and couples to make out next to other couples making out. Those are the two reasons they really exist. Source, Representational Image But as we all know, Indian couples do not kiss. We do not touch each other. We simply get married and get impregnated after opening a joint […]

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