India Runs On Jugaad And This Jugaad Takes A Lot Of Creativity, Mr. Steve Wozniak

Like everything that happens these days, something said by a celebrity has now snowballed into a festival where everyone is busy flinging mud at each other to come out at top. And with our jugaad, we’ll definitely end the argument here. Steve Wozniak, also called The Woz, is Apple’s cofounder and one of the pioneers […]

This J&K Recruitment Exam Is Testing More Than Just Competency, It Is Testing Your Patriotism

Whoever set this question for the Jammu and Kashmir recruitment exam is in SO much trouble! Indian examinations are far from perfect. Remember mugging up for a tough paper and knowing full well that the subject is going to be hard to clear? Then we’d resort to other wishful thinking like hoping the exam would […]

8 Bizarre Customs From Different Countries You Should Know Before Traveling Abroad

In Thailand, there are no kitchens in houses, not many people prefer to cook. Everyone wishes to see the world sometime. The world is full of humans and they are full of surprises. This world is quite funny and weird, just like life. This is just a fair warning that the other countries are as […]

Singer Papon Kisses Minor Girl And His Manager Thinks It Isn’t ‘Wrong’

Umm… the last time I checked this could get you arrested.

Punjabis Beware: Justin Trudeau’s Bhangra Moves Are Giving You Some Serious Competition

Justin Trudeau’s India visit just keeps getting better with time. From dressing up like Manyavar models to making chapatis at Golden Temple, he is doing it all and we can’t help but fall in love with his gestures. Source However, at an event last night, we are convinced that he is one of us and […]

You’ll Definitely Swipe Right To These Funny Tinder Profiles Women Have Set Up In India

Tinder is definitely one of the weirdest places on the internet. A bunch of single guys flock to this app hoping to get some action or find a girlfriend only to be engulfed in a loop of no matches found and that awful notification that asks you to get Tinder plus. If you’ve suffered from […]

Today I Learnt That This Guy From ‘Vikraal Aur Gabraal’ Played For The Indian Cricket Team

What do you like to do when you’re bored? Some guys like binge watching shows on Netflix. Some like playing video games. And if you’re as talented as I am, you probably watch TV shows on YouTube. You know the drill. Start binging on a run-of-the-mill Gordon Ramsay show and then end up knowing everything […]

10 Countries With The Highest NRI Populations Across The World

NRIs, otherwise known as Yash Raj’s primary TG are fairly self-explanatory. They’re non-residential Indians who do not reside in India. Now that that definition has been deeply ingrained in our minds, we can move on. India has the highest number of residents who live outside the country in 2018, which really begs the question, where […]

Could Aleem Dar Giving Kohli ‘Not Out’ Bring India and Pakistan Closer? People Think So

You know your issues with an ex have peaked when her name comes up when you’re with someone else. India’s been touring South Africa for the last couple of months. After coming up a little short in the Test Series, India over-compensated by winning the first three matches of the ODI series.¬†And even though the […]

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