Rahul Gandhi’s Latest One-Liner About Aloo Is The New Goldmine Of Internet Jokes

Rahul Gandhi does it again and honestly, we are not even surprised! He has been giving us moments to laugh on over the years and looks like we have a new one after his speech in Patan, Gujarat. At this point, we’re not even sure if he cracks these hilarious one-liners on purpose. Source His […]

10 Villages Of India That Might Be Far More Developed Than The City You Live In!

India is progressing towards becoming a developed nation. However, we cannot touch the pinnacle of development if the rural India is ignored. A massive part of India’s population resides in its villages and rural areas are becoming an important markup when deciding India’s progress. While cities and metropolitans try to create a fast-paced lifestyle, rural […]

Tiger Zinda Hai Looks Awfully Similar To This Famous Video Game Franchise

Thoda sa inspiration, thoda sa perspiration aur ban gaya superhit Tiger ka zindadil formula. Tiger Zinda Hai finally revealed the much anticipated trailer and with that, you could hear a huge roar from  countless bhai fans. It was a field day for a lot of us bhai fans who can’t wait to see Salman bhai […]

These Jokes On Children’s Day Are So Funny, They Should Be Hidden From Real Children

Today, India celebrates Children’s day and Nehruji’s birthday. The day is celebrated to increase awareness towards rights, care, and education of children. Obviously, twitterati is not taking it in that way. What better way to celebrate the day than laughing right? We compiled the best tweets that surfaced on our timelines: #1 Okay, this is the […]

10 Indian Professions That Are Slowly Treading Towards Extinction

In India, there is a very popular tradition of passing on the family profession to the following generations. People in India have long lineages of being potters, carpenters, priests, cremators and so on. They are known to have been in that profession for generations but with the advent of the modern era, these professions are failing […]

Here’s How Much A Cab Ride Costs In 20 Major Cities Of The World

In India, we absolutely love to complain about almost everything… But if there’s personal favorite, it’s complaining about cab rides. Whether we’re complaining about cabs or whether the cabs are complaining about us, there’s an almost affectionate amount of bickering between drivers and passengers. And more often than not, it’s about cost. How much of […]

10 Bollywood Movies That Could Have Used A Better Plot For The Love Of God

Bollywood movies make up most of our cinematic exposure. Through their musical drama, life seems manageable! With time Bollywood movies have become stories of substance impacting the society in its own ways. Actors have become even more talented, scripts are becoming better and every now and then Bollywood movies have found their way to international […]

WWE Legend Appeared In An Episode Of Baal Veer And We Don’t Know How To Process It

YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK… YOU SUCK! Every 90s kid fondly remembers the simpler times of our childhood when good television wasn’t about profiling psychopaths or looking at a woman who calls herself the mother of dragons. It was all about looking at larger than life characters battle it out in a ring. One of the […]

10 Of India’s Highest Paid CEOs, MDs and Chairmen That Make Our Salaries Look Rather Tiny

We all get salaries right? At some or the other point in the month. And then we complain because it’s too little. After all, who’s going to pay for all those “just one drink” drinks you’ve been having? But that’s because we work for a blog. There are people way more qualified than us doing […]

Indians Are Outraged At Upcoming Hollywood Film ‘Basmati Blues’ Portrayal Of India

Remember when they’d make Hollywood movies about foreigners visiting India and create a very stereotypical image of the country? Just when you thought that era was over, the ‘Basmati Blues’ trailer is here to prove you wrong.  Source Academy Award winning actress Brie Larson’s character ‘Linda’ visits India for a rice experiment and an ‘exciting […]

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