Inspired By Tripura’s CM, I Tried Looking For Things That India Invented Before Firangis

Disclaimer: Please take this article with a pinch of salts. A huge chunk of this is satire. Anyone hurt with this article needs to take care of their feelings. Yesterday, Tripura’s brand new Chief Minister Biplab Deb came up with a new theory and made a few stunning claims. He had this to say: “India has […]

Finally Some Good News As India Wins 66 Medals At Commonwealth Games 2018

As the country boils with protests against heinous crimes against women, these guys give us a reason to be proud of. The Commonwealth Games have often be viewed as the warm-up in the run to Olympics and India has often tried putting its firm foot forward in this competition. Having faired poorly in Glasgow Commonwealth […]

If You’re A Desi Biker You Most Definitely Have Faced These 9 Situations In Life

When it comes to India, you know that the only way to get out of traffic is through this magnificent invention called the motorcycle. Invented in 1885 by Gottlieb Daimler, this two-wheeled contraption has helped us Indians accomplish the impossible. From delivering pizzas within 30 minutes to delivering rocks in iPhone boxes. Here are some […]

Here Are 10 Video Games Which Have A Special Connection With India And Its People

Video games are almost an indispensable part of our childhoods. From shooting ducks while being teased by a dog, to an Italian plumber collecting coins; we’ve done it all. Now that technology has grown leaps and bounds, video games have become very different. Games, these days, are peppered with ultra-realistic graphics to insane stories. And […]

10 Of The Deadliest Weapons From Ancient India You’d Probably Stand No Chance Against

If humanity has improved on anything in the last few years, it has to be weaponry. Global hunger be damned, the one thing we can’t help but working on is new and efficient ways to kill each other. But despite guns nukes and the whole range of modern artillery, there was an elegance to ancient […]

A Pakistani Brand Blatantly Copied An Indian Ad Feat. Kareena Kapoor With Absolutely Awful Photoshop

India and Pakistan have been locking horn ever since Pakistan was born. We’ve seen the rivalry on the cricket field and the now legendary ‘mauka mauka‘ advertisements and replies that flood social media. Well both the neighbouring countries are once again fighting over something. The bone of contention here is a 40-seconder ad film featured Indian […]

India Isn’t As Happy As Pakistan, Sri Lanka Or Nepal According To Happiness Index

Are you happy? Who knows right? It’s a question nobody is really prepared to answer unless they have a plate of biryani placed firmly in front of them, in which the case the answer is decidedly yes. But whether or not you have an answer, the World Happiness Index does, and it turns out that […]

Hello India! It Turns Out You’re Not Nearly As Vegetarian As You Think

India is rife with pictures like this – Source It is also rife with pictures like this – Source And in the middle lies the general population, scattered on a spectrum that ranges from “We won’t eat vegetables that grow under the ground” to “We won’t eat vegetables”. But for the most part, India to […]

Reddit Came Up With The Map Of India As Seen By People From Different States And It’s Hilarious

India is a country that is riddled with people of different cultures. And with different cultures, come several stereotypes. That’s the thing about stereotypes – they’re almost always correct. Playing on these stereotypes, members from a famous sub-reddit r/india decided to show the Map of India as seen by people from different backgrounds; and frankly, […]

10 Of The World’s Least And Most Corrupt Countries In The Year 2017

Corruption is a given. Because as long as there have been power structures, there have been people who abuse them. But a corrupt bureaucracy is always indicative of deeper wounds in a nation. An attitude that reflects a lack of oversight as well as limited resources that are only distributed to those who can afford […]

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