These People Had Just One Job And They FAILED Miserably At It!

To err is human. To err miserably is a machine. Let’s see who screwed up better at their jobs, especially when they just had one single job to do. Manufacturing defects in objects are not that uncommon. Everyone makes mistakes after all.  These ones by machines and some really absent minded workers prove that logic […]

10 Amazing Pictures You Need To Look Twice At To Get The Secret Message

With the 21st century, we are towering high with our technology and have crossed all geographical borders through social media. Our education has its own ironical stances and every day we give a part of our planet to destruction. But are we really heading towards progressive development and our well being? We stumbled upon some illustrations […]

10 Catchiest Writings Found On Public Toilet Walls That Are Hilarious AF!

Next time you use a public restroom, keep your eyes open!

If You Find These Images Funny, Internet Has Definitely Ruined You

Internet is the home for sugar, spice and everything not nice. One of the biggest upsides to spending way too much time on the internet is getting aware of the world around us. What level of awareness is too much awareness, you ask? Well, these images are going to prove it that you’ve been spending […]

India’s First Madame Tussauds Museum Looks Like The Desi Red Carpet Full Of Celebrities

You can finally meet your favourite celebrities (albeit in their wax avatar) as Madame Tussauds is finally coming to Delhi! India is a country where the social fabric comprises of various threads but two things dominate – celebrities and traditions. We’ve already managed to keep up with our traditions but only a lucky few are […]

These 15 Funny Signs From Different Parts Of The World Will Make You LOL!

The world is full of humor and it just takes the right perception to find something in situations that you come across. Sometimes, certain images and signs are more hilarious than a thousand words.  For example: Source If this doesn’t crack you up, we don’t know what will!  We bring to you a collection of […]

This Photographer Blends Two Pictures Together And The Result Are Amazing!

Not every mind blowing piece of art requires Photoshop and these pictures are a clear example of the same. It is essential to have a creative mind to blend in two most unexpected things into something as amazing as these pictures and Stephen McMennamy, an art director and a creative photographer did exactly the same. The editorial photography […]

Here Are 10 Best Roger Federer Pictures Which Prove That He Is The Greatest Of All Time

Roger Federer is a kind of athlete who is born once in a generation. He is arguably the greatest athlete of our times and that’s a position that doesn’t seem to get affected any time soon. The Swiss great turns 36 today, 8 August 2017, and some say his game has never been better. To […]

These 15 Images Show That Taking The Perfect Shot Is Not Always That Easy!

A number of efforts a perfect picture has behind it is difficult to imagine. A photographer goes through a lot of obstacles in order to get that perfect angle and perspective.  Source  The devotion that photographers show can be outstanding. Wildlife photographers camp for days together in order to understand the animal’s behavior and document […]

These 25 Images Prove That Not Every Perfect Picture Needs To Be Photo-shopped!

With technology growing rapidly with each passing day, every thing can be made perfect with the help of it. Every time we come across a fascinating picture, we tend to assume it’s probably photo-shopped and well, are right most of the times.  Photoshop can do wonders and change everything about an image but let’s not forget […]

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