When The Iceland Cricket Team Needed Help, Internet Came To The Rescue

Cricket as a sport is slowly creeping its way into the hearts of millions outside the sub-continent. One such country is Iceland; but for it to become a grass-roots sport in the country they needed the Internet to help out. A few days back, some good folks at r/cricket sub-reddit started a crowd-funding campaign to […]

It Is Now Illegal For Companies To Pay Men More Than Women In Iceland

In India, equal pay is still a myth. A far-fetched possibility that inspires revolutions today. Even if both of the genders are equally qualified for a job, men have statically been paid higher in India. We have seen it happening in all fields, positions that are available. We scream for equality and yet we are […]

According To The Global Peace Index, These Are The 10 Safest Countries In The World

The Global Peace Index report ranked 10 of the safest countries out of 163. The Institute for Economics and Peace released their ¬†Global Peace Index report. It states the safest countries as well as the dangerous ones. The report is based on 23 factors including weapons access and political terror. It was found that 93 […]

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