A Comprehensive 5-Step Guide To Farting in Public Without Letting Anyone Know

Imagine you ate some Rajma. (Stop drooling, I only said imagine). Then perhaps you boarded a crowded public transport of your choice. Perhaps you’re simply at a restaurant. Suddenly your intestines and stomach refuse to co-operate anymore and absolutely insist on letting out enough wind to power a small city for a year. What next? […]

We Bet You Didn’t Notice These Words Hidden Inside Other Words Causing A Word-ception

Baithe baithe kya kare, karna hai kuchh kaam. Conspiracy theories are one of the best past-times one can have. Is the earth flat? Are we alone in the universe? Does language play dirty tricks on us? Considering the free time you guys have on your hands, we’d like to take this opportunity and fan that […]

15 WTF Bollywood Songs From The 90’s That Will Make You Laugh!

We have grown up listening to our favourite tracks from Bollywood movies. We used to hum along to the tunes of ‘Dil Toh Pagal Hai’, ‘Tujhe Dekha Toh’, ‘Yeh Kaali Kaali Aankhen’ during Aantakshri.  Whenever we listen to the songs nowadays, we crib at the vulgar lyrics that has been on trend but if you […]

Jaden Smith Wants To Do A Bollywood Movie And We Have Some Suggestions For Him

We all know how Will Smith has added so much to the entertainment industry. From Fresh Prince of Bell Air to Bad Boys, he has done it all. But the best gift he has ever given us has to be Jaden Smith. We’ve seen Jaden come up with extremely cryptic tweets before as well. Some […]

These 10 Advertisement Placements Are So Unfortunate That We Can’t Stop Laughing

There are many advertisements that are very memorable for all the wrong reasons. The amount of money people put in for an advertisement for their products is way too much. But what happens when the billboards have horrible placements? Money, for instance, goes down the drain and someone gets fired too. Sometimes, the placements were […]

#MondayMotivation With Hero Alom Bogra, Twitter’s One And Only King Of Action And Romance

Mondays are and forever will be the worst day of the week. For most people, it starts terribly. For those who wake up happy, it will end terribly. But not for Hero Alom Bogra. Source Which is why we must look to this man for wisdom that will help us take on the week. That will […]

WTF! This Pakistani Guy Married His Cousins To Have An Incestuous Threesome

Some people have an amazing life. They have been great students, they achieve great things in life and ultimately become a beautiful memory for a lot of their loved ones. And then there are those who basically do nothing in their lives and are long forgotten after death. On this scale, we often come across […]

Rohit Sharma & Twitter Were Both On Fire Against Bangladesh In CT Semis

It was billed as one of the most hyped up contest of the tournament – and it turned out to be a no-contest. India were simply that good. In every department. It was a remarkable all-round show and Bangladesh were honestly no match. Before the semi-finals, Bangladesh had upped its Photoshop skills but they seemed […]

20 Comics You Will Relate To If You Are A 20-Something Hooman

How often does someone illustrate life in a hilarious way? 20-something humans, sit back and get ready to relate. Mo Welch is an artist, a comedian, and an actress. Her comics are simple, hilarious, and relatable. She illustrates everyday situations in her comics brilliantly. Mo resides in Los Angeles and writes for Nickelodeon. Here are 20 […]

12 Logos And Signs That Really Make Us Question What Exactly They Are Selling

Logos are very important for a brand’s image, aren’t they? Brands like Coca-Cola and McDonalds have stuck to the same thing for years now and it’s paid off. There’s no way you can miss them. But every now and then there are brands whose funny logos make us seriously doubt what they hell they are […]

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