You’ve Been Missing Out On The Correct Names Of Everyday Objects!

What if we told you water is actually boneless ice? What if we told you that milk could also be cereal sauce? We came across an account on Twitter called CorrectNames. The account has been created by Mark Dempsey who is also an actor. Correct Names has 98.8k followers on twitter. He exposes the correct names of everyday things […]

Twitter Plays Troll Yet Again, Makes Fun Of Hardik Pandya’s New Haircut

Hardik Pandya learns it the hard way that all makeovers are not equal, gets trolled for his new haircut. When you go for a haircut, you usually have a game plan. You know before hand whether it’s a regular trim you want or a different look entirely. Usually, most know what they want before they […]

The Internet Reacted Hilariously When Dhinchak Pooja’s Videos Got Deleted Off YouTube!

Dhinchak Pooja was a force to be reckoned with. She was the worst thing to happen to the Indian internet. But she also brought together the nation – who is otherwise divisive – with a common opinion that she needed to stop singing! Her YouTube videos got deleted by a person called Kathappa Singh last night; […]

Kohli Just Got Out For A Duck And Twitter Ain’t Leaving Him Alone!

Cricket is not just a sport in the country, it’s a religion and we take this super seriously. Team India’s performance in the IndvsPak match was phenomenal and we were expecting the same today but looks like Kohli couldn’t take the pressure. The team had been showing a steady performance so far but the recent […]

Sushma Swaraj Gives The Most Epic Reply To This Man Stuck On Mars

Sushma Swaraj, Minister of External Affairs, is known for her promptness on Twitter and when this man tweeted about being stuck on Mars, her reply was a perfect combination of wit and humor. Karan Saini, a Twitter user, out of nowhere tweeted to the Ministry of External Affairs that he was stuck on Mars with […]

15 Times Maria @hatecopy Said Everything Desi Women Wanted To

We love it when someone sums up our thoughts on paper, don’t we? Maria Qamar does it brilliantly for desi women with her wit and humor. Her satirical art showcases the reality of bindi-wearing desi women. She resides in Toronto, Canada. In an interview with Dazed a year ago she had said: “We’re overshadowed by […]

We Wonder How People With These 10 Food Phobias Get Through The Day

There are phobias of every kind on this planet. Most of us love food, the thought of food and well any kind of food. While there are some who are turn blue in fear when they hear about certain foods. We bet you didn’t know these food phobias even existed. #1  Mageirocophobia- The Fear Of […]

10 Things That Happened On F.R.I.E.N.D.S That People Born After 2004 Won’t Understand

90’s kids, it’s time to relate and feel really really old. ‘Friends’ was a big part of our childhood, wasn’t it? It is still one of those shows we end up watching when bored. It was quite ahead of its time, whether it was single motherhood or a lesbian wedding or Joey liking that he’s curvy. […]

Zomato Got Hacked AND Twitter Users Got Their Priorities Right By Trolling Them!

Yesterday, Zomato confirmed that their app was hacked and it affected the database of 17 million user records including their usernames and passwords. A dark web vendor named NClay took responsibility for this hacking. Zomato informed the users about this incidence on its blog.  The company is currently looking into the breach and claims it […]

Standup Specials Of Your Favorite Comedians Are Airing On Amazon Prime Video, Here Is Your Binge-Watch Guide!

The standup comedy fraternity is exploding in India right now. You can check your event listing and find one or the other comedian performing live in a place near you. However, if you can’t make it to one of these special shows, don’t worry. Amazon Prime has got you covered. The platform is airing comedy […]

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