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If You Want To Avoid Any Spoilers For Avengers: Infinity War, You Can Share This On Your Profile

What is the biggest event on the 21st century? The Arab Spring? No. Sachin lifting the World Cup? No. People literally meme-ing a person into the Oval Office? No. Modiji winning? I will not comment on this warna mereko jail ho sakti hai. It is definitely Avengers: Infinity War. If you haven’t booked your tickets […]

Twitter User Exposed Step-By-Step How The Aadhaar Data Can Be Breached By Anyone

Aadhaar Card has been a hot topic of discussion ever since it was conceptualized under the UPA government. Our honorable PM, who was once opposed to the idea of this card, has now taken it upon himself to make it mandatory for every citizen. Recently, there has been an uproar over the security breaches that […]

What To Pack When You’re Being Whisked Away On A Romantic Getaway!

Who wouldn’t be excited about a Romantic Getaway? Isn’t it the cutest gift ever? But being the ultimate and most important stage in defining a relationship, it can be really daunting. And we can totally understand if you’re freaking out on the inside. Which is why to lessen the stressin’, we’ve tried to simplify one […]

How To Plan A Weekend Getaway In 5 Easy Steps!

You know how planning a big vacation seems like a distant dream what with your zero savings after you’ve spent Friday after Friday “hanging out”? Forget Greece for now, a weekend getaway is all you can really afford. And we’re going to help you plan that! Step 1: The Where. Anything that requires more than […]

How To Throw A Lit House Party In Just 12 Steps!

Have you always wanted to throw a house party but were baffled by the “How?” Here’s a list of things to do before, on the day of and after the party that we’re sure will help sort you out. 1. You’ll want to pick a day that people will actually show up on, obvious choice […]

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