The Scariest Thing About Horror Films Are These 7 Overused Tropes. They Need To Go ASAP.

Horror movies are bread and butter of cynics and adventure junkies.

The Story Of Aokigahara, Japan’s ‘Suicide Forest’ Is Touched By Death

There are some places on earth that are intriguing because of their stained history.

This Movie Is Being Touted As This Generation’s Exorcist And The Trailer Is Terrifying

The most used phrase in our country is ‘bhai meri g*nd phat gayi‘. (citation needed) In our relentless quest to watch things that scare us, we often come across movies that somewhat succeed. Last year, we got IT that was borderline traumatic for everyone who hates clowns, or probably has low self-esteem. This year Insidious: […]

Unhappy With The Dating Scene, A Woman Marries A Man Who’s Been Dead For 300 Years

Dating sucks. Source We know it, you know it, the guy sitting across from you as you’re reading this knows it. There are of course those fortunate assholes who find true love and end up happily ever after. But for the rest of us, it’s just one disappointment after another as we wait for the […]

The Masked Monkey Village Of Jakarta Would Keep You Wide Awake Tonight

This is not a horror story, neither a ‘Dear David’ continuation. But this is downright creepy and inhuman. Welcome to a slum in the east of Jakarta, popularly known as South Cipinang Besar. Eeverything is usual with garbage dumps, grim streets, and reeking poverty as you walk down the lanes, until, one thing stands out. It’s […]

7 Historical Photos That Almost Convinced The World That Ghosts Truly Exist

Do ghosts exist? No they don’t. But believers are willing to run from pillar to post to convince the people of the world that ghosts exist. And these photos almost managed to do the job. #1 The Wem Hell Ghost Source The Wem Hall is located in Shropshire England. An incident where the hall completely […]

8 Times People Came Home Only To Find The Creepiest Of Things

Home is where the heart is, but if you happen to own an old house, it’s also likely to be where the horror is. Here are some strange and some downright freaky discoveries made by unsuspecting homeowners who got a lot more than they bargained for when they signed the lease. 1. Skeletal Remains of Humans […]

This Halloween, Let’s Revisit 12 Of The Dumbest Looking Ghosts From The Iconic Show, Aahat

Remember Aahat? Source Even though the series has produced 550 episodes, it remains a mix of horror combined with elements of really ridiculous shit. From ghosts who look like makeup gone bad to you on a Monday morning, there is no denying that the scariest thing on that show was the production value. But after […]

These Horror Stories Are So Creepy, They Won’t Let You Go For Susu Alone

I am sorry I am doing this to you but I found these horror stories on the internet and I don’t want to be the only one struggling to go pee all by myself on a Saturday night. Yeah, I don’t have plans and if you don’t either, how about we all stay up together because […]

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