Sonam Kapoor Is In No Mood To Ignore Sri Sri Ravi Shankar’s Comment On Homosexuality

Unarguably, a godman making no sense isn’t something new. Just when you think that there is nothing more senseless that humans can do. Humans surprise you. Like any other day, a “godman” said something and we were speechless. This whole deal with godmen, they should really think 100 times before passing a judgment or a […]

This Animated Film Talks About Homosexuality In The Sweetest Way Possible

This animated movie talks about homosexuality in the sweetest possible way! There are rare films that can explain something so beautifully. And in a world, which is intolerance and hatred is more prominent than love, this animated short film ‘In A Heartbeat’ will make you think and smile. The film picks up the sensitive issue […]

Karan Johar: Out Of The Closet…And Into The Fire?

For years now, Filmmaker Karan Johar’s sexuality has been under much debate. For years, people have speculated and assumed and questioned him about it. And for years, he’s managed to evade those questions. But in his book, “The Unsuitable Boy”, that released this month, Karan seems to have finally answered them all, except the big […]

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