Here’s Your Chance To Finally Catch Up On These Amazing Movies During This Film Festival

Enjoy some of the best movies of recent era in utmost luxury with PVR Director’s Cut and Gold Class experience and be a part of Vkaao’s special Hollywood Movies Screenings. Going to a theatre is an event for every Indian household. It’s generally the time when families go out for an experience. That is exactly […]

Only Die Hard Hugh Jackman Fans Will Know These 10 Lesser Known Facts About Him

We know Hugh Jackman as the ever-popular Wolverine. And boy did he play the character gracefully! The movie Logan was the last time he reprised the role and we cannot imagine anyone else playing Wolverine. But as an actor, he is more than just Wolverine. He blew the audience away with his portrayal of Jean Valjean […]

10 Indian Characters Who Were Controversially Played By Foreigners On Screen

India has a proud and noble legacy of totally misrepresenting people from other cultures, but we’ve earned it right? But that means foreigners are entitled to mess about with Indians as well. And one of the most public ways they end up doing it is with Indian character in movies. The samosa guzzling, grocery store […]

7 Most Underrated Horror Movies That You Should Watch Immediately

Let’s just say that we understand the pain of not finding the right horror movies; most of them; aren’t that scary, or seem to be somewhat similar to their predecessors. Watching the same horror movies also gets boring at times. We hear you. So grab a bucket full of popcorn, (maybe more than one, they […]

Important Scenes From These 7 Popular Hollywood Movies Were Filmed In India

Did you notice the Mehrangarh Fort in The Dark Knight Rises? We’ve lost count of the Bollywood movies shot abroad.There have been instances when Hollywood came to India and put the right amount of desi tadka to their films. There are films where we might have noticed India in and there are some shockers as well. […]

Ryan Reynolds Appreciation Day: Taking A Look At A Legend’s Wit Through 10 Tweets

Some actors/celebrities are cool. Others redefine boring words like ‘cool’. Case in point, Ryan Reynolds. There are very few people who can recreate careers after playing a real bad Green Lantern. Then go on to become a cult classic as Dead Pool. Let’s just agree that Ryan Reynolds is a pretty damn cool person in general. […]

These Before And After Shots Of 12 Iconic Movies Prove That CGI Creates Magic On Screen!

Some of the most iconic scenes in popular movies didn’t look that great in real life. Here are some before CGI and after CGI shots to prove it.

Did You Know Stephen King’s ‘IT’ Was Adapted On Indian Television In 1998?

‘IT’ is breaking all the records at the box office. The Hollywood adaptation of ‘IT’ by Stephen King is making waves at the Box Office. It has also scared the shit out of everyone all across the globe. The Clown is giving all of us sleepless nights. Tim Curry is getting a lot of praise […]

Insidious: The Last Key Trailer Is Out And It Uses Jump Scares That Will Leave You Spooked!

I am a self-confessed horror junkie. Any new film and I am already planning months ahead. The newest addition to the horror series happens to be Insidious: Last Key and it is going to release on January 5th, 2018. The trailer released recently it has definitely made my otherwise boring day, more eventful. The movie continues the style […]

Ryan Reynolds Getting Roasted In This Interview Is Way Too Hilarious To Miss!

Ryan Reynolds is known as the funny guy with looks to grace any/all top magazines in the world. He has time and again regaled us with his comedic timing with movies like The Proposal and Deadpool. Let’s agree that he is one hell of guy! And because he is so awesome, he is also subject to […]

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