7 Undisputed Hollywood ‘Classics’ Everyone Lies About Having Seen

The word ‘classic’ doesn’t mean as much as it used to, but it still does have a mildly prestigious ring to it. And the one place it gets mercilessly used is when it’s being used to describe films. Films that are cinematic masterpieces from ages past that encapsulate the time period that prompted their creation. […]

Love A Good Thriller? These 10 Courtroom Dramas Should Definitely Be On Your Watchlist

These courtroom dramas have made a mark with its plot, storyline and great performances.

Firangi Fight Club Has A Khatarnaak Plot Twist While Desi Fight Club Doesn’t Even Have A Plot

I don’t know about you guys but most of my adult life has been spent looking for movies that are fun to watch with friends. Under influence, all movies seem funny but rarely do you come across cinema that can be watched time and again. And no, Jaani Dushmann is overrated. I’m talking about desi […]

The Scariest Thing About Horror Films Are These 7 Overused Tropes. They Need To Go ASAP.

Horror movies are bread and butter of cynics and adventure junkies.

The Not So Secret Secret Behind Alicia Vikander’s Ripped Physique In Tomb Raider

Starring the very able Alicia Vikander, Tomb Raider has heart and well the muscles.

10 Done To Death Movie Cliches We Don’t Ever Want To See Again

These movie cliches are too overdone and should honestly go extinct.

10 Hollywood Movies Other Than Inception You Should Watch Twice To Really Appreciate

Movies are made to be enjoyed. But some prefer to mess around with you before a final kick in the nuts. These are the films that are either complicated by nature that they’re not the easiest to understand. Or they have so much going on for them that they instantly need a second look before […]

10 Opening Credits That Gave A Kickass Start To These Great Hollywood Movies

These blockbuster Hollywood films are made even greater by their opening credits.

“Have You Faced Sexual Harassment” Sharon Stone’s Reply Will Open A Lot Of Eyes In Hollywood

The Basic Instinct actress, Sharon Stone, had a very telling response.

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