6 Greatest Fires In Human History That Left Behind More Damage Than You Think

Here are some of the deadliest fires the world ever saw.

10 Medical Treatments We’re Thankful Doctors Don’t Prescribe Anymore

Doctors exist for two reasons. To prescribe life-saving drugs and write sick notes that make your weekend in Goa look like a debilitating disease. But being in a position where you’re in charge of people’s lives must be rather stressful, which is why it’s totally understandable that some doctors came up with the weirdest medical […]

These Then And Now Pictures Of Delhi Will Leave You Hoping You Could Go To The Past

There’s a story behind every city but there’s something special about Delhi.

This Amazing Video Shows The Evolution Of The Map Of India Through The Years

Indian history is an amalgamation of several cultures that came, saw, conquered and enriched the land to give us the current state. Over the years, Indian history has seen a drastic change in the map and its elements. India’s history is dappled with the wreck of empires. Kingdoms have sporadically risen here, expanded and fallen, […]

10 Photographs That Will Change The Way You Look At History

Almost all of human history is human documented and the tone of it varies according to who documented it. While our history textbooks were right about historic events, they presented a certain version of the actual events. Thus, we decided to unearth some poignant images from the internet that will go against one’s set notion […]

10 Tragic Events That Changed The Course Of Modern Indian History

Unfortunately, there have been many tragedies since India’s independence. As a country, we need to be a progressive nation not only in technology but the mindset of the country also needs to change. The way Indians think needs to change. In the past, tragedies have hit us and we have braved it only for the […]

Twitter Is Retelling Indian History Using Bollywood And We Prefer This Version More

Bollywood loves history but history probably doesn’t love it back. Dude, Bollywood adores History way more than you and I ever did in school. So, clearly, Bollywood is not loved in return. Obviously, we can’t do anything about it. Folks on Twitter can literally give anything a funny turn. Recently, they decided to go ahead […]

10 Dangerous Things That We Won’t Do Today Which Were Completely Normal In The Past

The world that we live in today is a lot different than what it was before. Crime rates have increased, medical developments have made certain diseases extinct, global warming is real and a lot more. But if you think we are a crazy bunch of people, you will be surprised to know that the humans […]

The Dark History Behind India’s Favourite Beverage: Chai

Chai is the love of my life and I know it’s yours too. The level of sukoon we get after drinking cutting chai is unmatched. There is no other satisfaction that even comes close. Ever tried drinking hot chocolate in the summer? Sucks right? But not chai, chai is a drink for all seasons. We […]

6 Lesser Known Stories From Indian History That Bollywood Should Pick Up Next

Bollywood and history have gone hand in hand since ages. Stories of the past revolving around the valor and romantic sagas of Indian history have always struck a  chord with the audience. Be it narrating the romance that picked up between Jodha Akbar or the magnum opus Mugah-e-Azam, cinema has been flattered by history. And […]

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