Hindu Mythology

According To The Hindu Mythology, Here’s Why Lord Brahma Has 4 Heads

Hinduism. Let’s talk about that, shall we? Also, whatever we mention here is more about the culture and mythos surrounding Hinduism, and not necessarily about Hinduism as a religion. Cool? Cool. Source So we’re all familiar with Lord Brahma, right? Eternal, powerful and wise. He seems like a great guy. He’s called the creator, so […]

7 Of The Most Powerful and Awe Inspiring Women From Hindu Mythology

Hindu mythology is┬áchoc-full of epic men. They’re strong, wise, virtuous and other important-sounding adjectives. But there’s also a lot of epic ladies. They’re kicking ass and taking names. These women from Hindu mythology are strong, kind and sometimes deadly. But we’re not looking at Goddesses or ones like Sita and Draupadi who have been celebrated […]

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