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5 AR Rahman Compositions That Proves Music Is The Universal Language

AR Rahman Compositions needs no introduction. The Mozart of Madras is the┬ájack of all trade when it comes to music, known for not just his voice, but also to compose music, experiment with different musical instruments, integrating it and mastering it. His passion for music and love for instruments has what made him famous worldwide. […]

These 7 Popular English Songs Sound Really Funny When Translated Into Hindi!

Music is everything we need most of the time to help us get through life. In sadness, music helps us heal. Every song is made for a moment when it can be replayed. In joy, it helps us groove to a beat with abandon. It also helps us get through rage. But what about when […]

This Guy’s Bollywood Medley Will Take You Through Your Bollywood Favourites Like Never Before

When it comes to Bollywood numbers, they have the versatility from quirky raunchy numbers to the ones that attach their strings to our heart instantly. 2016 was full of music numbers that were just too lovely to not stay on loop for days. However, what about we get you all your favorite numbers packaged as […]

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