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8 Superstars From The 90s Who Made Embarrassing Comebacks In 2017

90’s kids were totally disappointed this year. The whole deal with comebacks is that you need to be really careful and make a point. Whether it is a verbal comeback or a Bollywood one, it needs to be valid. There is no point in making a comeback which doesn’t pack a punch. So we saw many […]

These Were The 10 Best Bollywood Songs Of 2017 That We’re Going To Remember For Long

Songs are an integral part of Bollywood films. As such, the year 2017 disappointed. Most of the films had listless music, and this includes composers from whom we have come to expect quality music. However, there were some bright spots that lit up an otherwise grim scene. Let’s have a look at some songs that […]

People Are Furious After Golmaal Again Won The ‘Best Film’ Award At Zee Cine Awards

In 2017, Bollywood gave us Newton, Shubh Mangal Savdhaan, and Toilet- Ek Prem Katha. And by virtue of marketing strategies of big budget movies, good movies don’t always end up earning a lot of money. ‘Golmaal Again’ is the second highest grosser of the year. If that wasn’t enough, it won the first ‘Best Film’ […]

7 Bollywood Sequels Releasing In 2018 That You Totally Didn’t See Coming

Bollywood is obsessed with its sequels to hit films. The formula has worked decently well in the past. Going by the same set of characters which worked the first time around, creates a sense of familiarity with the audience, who then laps it up. 2018 is going to be no different. A number of films, […]

The Trailer Of Hichki Is 2017’s Parting Gift To Anyone Who Believes In Indian Cinema

As 2017 comes to a close, we are greeted with what looks like Rani Mukerji’s return to mainstream Hindi films after a while. Never before has the subject of speech impairment been addressed in a film with this sensitivity. Watch the trailer and make up your mind

6 Best Actor Filmfare Nominations That Might Not Have Been The Best Choices

It’s cool to go around saying that the Filmfare Awards are useless and don’t reflect on the industry’s actual standards. But there was a time when they were considered truly important. And still are to a degree. If anything, it’s a great opportunity to see the rich and famous embarrass themselves on a public platform. […]

12 Legendary Supporting Actors From The 90s We Miss In Today’s Films

The 90s were a surprising time for Bollywood. We moved from the ‘angry young man’ roles to heroes who knew how to laugh at themselves. We had our Govindas entertaining audience besides the Khans and all was well in the world. But if you look through each of their hits, there is a distinct pattern. Supporting characters […]

Akshay Kumar Opens Up Like Never Before About His Struggle In Bollywood

Whether you like Akshay Kumar or dislike him, he has successfully carved a certain niche for himself in an industry otherwise laden with money and glamour. After spending decades trying to make a name for himself, Akshay Kumar recently opened up about his initial struggle in the film industry and how his perseverance helped him […]

Dear Shah Rukh Khan, No Matter What, The 90s Kid In Me Will Never Give Up On You

To the man who taught us how to love, succeed and work hard – Thank you! Dear Shah Rukh Khan, Thank you. Thank you for everything you’ve done. I believe there’s a part of me that wouldn’t have grown up to be this way, had we not had you showing us the meaning of love, success, […]

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