This Artist Illustrated Daily Adventures With His Wife And The Comics Are Hilarious

Yehuda Devir is an artist and character designer. His wife is his inspiration for most of the illustrations. There is a series of comics on how the couple gets through each day. Whether it is his wife taking tons of time getting ready or wrecking up the kitchen but ending up with cereal for dinner or […]

Ryan Reynolds Appreciation Day: Taking A Look At A Legend’s Wit Through 10 Tweets

Some actors/celebrities are cool. Others redefine boring words like ‘cool’. Case in point, Ryan Reynolds. There are very few people who can recreate careers after playing a real bad Green Lantern. Then go on to become a cult classic as Dead Pool. Let’s just agree that Ryan Reynolds is a pretty damn cool person in general. […]

Ranveer Singh’s Old Picture Is Turned Into Meme By Twitter. The Results Are Hilarious

Ranveer Singh is loved by everyone. He is known for his charisma, his bold outlook, and highly energetic persona. Equally popular with his unique dressing style, he redefines quirky with the roles he plays which blends with his mischevious personality off screen. Twitter at times turns nostalgic. Someone uploaded an old picture of Ranveer on […]

This Reddit Thread Roasting Rahul Gandhi Features The Most Savage Burns!

Rahul Gandhi is a favorite topic of jokes, and this is especially true on twitter. He has been the feature of many memes and has kept us entertained for hours with his ‘quirky’ persona. This time, however, the Internet, it seems to have opened floodgates for trolling. Reddit India has a thread called ‘The roast of […]

17 Funny Twitter Bios That Are So Creative, They Will Make You Go WTF!

Twitter is a funny place to be. This platform is a legit place for trolling. It is home to the funniest of talents who have figurative Ph.D’s in cynicism and sarcasm. It is an oasis of dry humor and sarcasm for the humor thirsty audience. It is a safe place (relatively?) for a lot of […]

These ‘High On Hormones’ Facebook Creeps Are So Funny We Just Couldn’t Report Them!

We really don’t need to give you a tour of how interesting Facebook has been for us, from sharing “What’s on your mind”, to your pictures to letting people know the exact location where you just pee-ed! Other than your friends, there someone else too who has an eye for you. These nocturnal species is […]

A Man Sent A Fake Hijack Email To The Airport To Cancel His Goa Plans With His Girlfriend

‘Goa Plans’ hardly make it to reality! But this man took it to another level to cancel his plan with his girlfriend. I swear, what this man did was one of the most creative yet bizarre ways to make sure that his girlfriend doesn’t fight with him. Vamshi Chowdhary, a transport agent, was facing some financial problems. […]

These 15 Secrets Shared Anonymously Will Make You Laugh So Hard That Your Insides Hurt!

Secrets – unfairly – always have had a bad name. If you have them, people almost always assume it is a dark one. Some secrets, however, can be funny. So funny that it will make you laugh out loud. Wondering how are these secrets getting published on the Internet without any consequences? It is all […]

Is Raees Spoof Better Than The Movie?

Shah Rukh Khan starrer Raees went on to become the first film of 2017 to cross Rs.100 crore club. The movie was fun to watch and definitely entertaining. Although it didn’t get a 5-star review from the critics, it was much enjoyed by the audience. The movie showed Shah Rukh Khan in a gray role which is […]

The #LedisLog Web Comic Series Gets Every Lady’s Quota Of Daily Drama Bang On

When it comes to drama, ladies have always had an extra quota of it in their laps. Be it the daily dose of eve teasing to those glaring eyes that pop out when we bend to a bra strap that just played ‘peekaboo’ to hiding sanitary napkins in black bags, we are always full of […]

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