The Responses To ‘What Is Your Earliest Memory?’ Will Give You A Good Nostalgia Trip

Memories are a tricky thing. You remember the bits and pieces of it and sometimes you recreate a figment of your imagination. Age and nostalgia do that to you. We remember the most poignant moments from our lives, they stay there at the back of our minds, waiting for the doors to be opened and unleashed. […]

British Comedian Promises To Attend A Fan’s Funeral Dressed As A Dildo

Fans interacting with their idols doesn’t always end well. Take Katrina Kaif for example and the multiple horror stories surrounding her interaction with fans. Naturally, celebrities are human beings so they are subject to some off days like the rest of us. But mostly, while approaching famous people in public, we expect the worst. But […]

This Hyderabadi Autowalla’s Selfless And Kind Gesture Will Restore Your Faith In Humanity

Life is sometimes surprising. When we are at our most cynical, we find kindness in the strangest places. No one knows this better than Varijashree Venugopal. She was recently in Hyderabad for her visa interview and found herself in a tough situation. With no help in sight, the unlikeliest candidate came to her rescue. Varijashree is originally […]

3 Year Old Girl Was Rescued By An Officer In Hurricane Katrina, 12 Years Later She Takes Him To The Ball

Hurricane Katrina was the costliest disaster that occurred in 2005. United States Of America was shaken up to its core on August 28 when the hurricane moved towards Florida, New Orleans, and emerged deeper into the Gulf Of Mexico. The people in New Orleans were trapped inside their houses and roofs as the flooding increased rapidly. […]

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