8 Of The Most Mysterious And Rare Diseases That Have Affected Humanity

The human body is a miracle of nature. But despite evolution and countless advances in medicine, there are diseases that leave us baffled. Strange and often inexplicable, there are brave people all around the world who have lived through painful and often misunderstood illnesses. #1 Water Allergy Source What Does It Do? – Typically developing […]

10 Medical Treatments We’re Thankful Doctors Don’t Prescribe Anymore

Doctors exist for two reasons. To prescribe life-saving drugs and write sick notes that make your weekend in Goa look like a debilitating disease. But being in a position where you’re in charge of people’s lives must be rather stressful, which is why it’s totally understandable that some doctors came up with the weirdest medical […]

10 Simple Ways To Check If There Are Harmful Adulterants In Your Delicious Food

Life has taught us one thing – we can never really be sure if what we’re dunking into our mouths is in fact food. From harmless things like water in milk to adding carcinogens to your pepper, food manufacturers are willing to cut a staggering number of corners ot keep costs of production nice and […]

10 Questionably Sexy Products In Case You Forgot To Buy A Gift For Valentines Day

Sex is subjective. There are things many people find sexy and then things only that weird dude from the fourth floor is into. But still, thanks to the internet, you can enjoy your preferences in healthy and sometimes shady ways. There are multiple places you can buy your creepy shit from. But lurking on these […]

5 Of The World’s Healthiest And Least Healthy Countries According To WHO

Being healthy is very much a double-edged sword. On the one hand, you’re fit and unlikely to die, clutching your heart in desperation. On the other, you’ll have to say goodbye to your second slice of double cheese pizza. But despite fond farewell to everything that tastes good, physical health is an important aspect of […]

Here’s 5 Reasons We’ve Been Gaining Weight At Work And The Ways We Plan To Fix It

If you’re reading this at your desk, we think you know what we’re talking about. Unless you’re gifted with amazing metabolism, you’ve definitely gained some weight after working. The thing is, our the lifestyle changes after we begin going to work, and mostly, it’s not for the better. Sitting for long hours can affect your […]

Kapil Sharma Fans Can Rejoice; Show To Resume From Next Month

The sudden statement from Kapil Sharma about taking a break from India’s one of the most loved comedy shows had left his fans heartbroken, including Lata Mangeshkar who is very fond of the popular comedian. She had recently expressed her concern for Kapil and wished for his speedy recovery. Source A close source has informed […]

14 Gross Habits That Are Actually Good For Your Health

Nobody is born perfect. We all have come with our personal quota of flaws and some of them are our everyday habits. Habits can be really bad, making sure that nobody stays around us or they can be utterly gross, creating a laughing stock out of you. Yes, picking up your nose, farting or even […]

7 Sunscreen Mistakes You Probably Don’t Know You Are Making!

With every summer, the mercury is simmering higher and higher. The heat is unbearable. We now prefer to stay indoors especially in afternoons. But let’s agree, we can’t escape the burning sun, no matter what. So the best that we can do is to take precautions for ourselves. As much as I desire to stay […]

संभोगी सवाल – 10 Times Mahinder Watsa Owned His “Ask The Sexpert” Column

Remember urgently asking your mother for a copy of The Mumbai Mirror and pretending to be really interested in the condition of your city’s roads and global politics? Remember shadily turning to the Ask The Sexpert column after that and laughing as you read the nation’s weirdest, sexiest queries? We sure do. Dr Mahinder Watsa […]

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