Rahul Gandhi’s Latest One-Liner About Aloo Is The New Goldmine Of Internet Jokes

Rahul Gandhi does it again and honestly, we are not even surprised! He has been giving us moments to laugh on over the years and looks like we have a new one after his speech in Patan, Gujarat. At this point, we’re not even sure if he cracks these hilarious one-liners on purpose. Source His […]

Vadodara Breaks Guinness World Record For ‘Maximum No. Of People Sweeping The Public Floor’

India’s tenth cleanliest city Vadodara has created a new Guinness World Record. It was a record for ‘maximum people sweeping the floor’. With over 5000 people sweeping in the group of 50, they swept the public road for over 1km in length. Guinness record has also presented Vadodara with the certificate of this new record. […]

15 Things Every Gujju Is Tired Of Hearing

From “You guys are everywhere” to Never met so enthusiastic community”, we have heard it over and over again. But there are certain things we are definitely tired of hearing. Here are few of the things that most of the Gujjus have listened to but are sincerely tired. #1 Where’s the Dhokla, Fafda? Media is […]

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