Guardians of The Galaxy

[Watch] Avengers: Infinity War; The Greatest Trailer Of The Year Has Just Dropped

Whether you’re into superheroes or not, you’re invariably aware of the universes different superheroes come from. The Avengers released in 2012 and it changed the game for superhero movies forever. Ever since then, we have had super successful origin stories of some of those superheroes while other origin stories are lined up to come out […]

10 Times Our Favourite Movies And TV Shows Were Celebrated In The Shadiest Way Possible – Sex Toys

Sex toys have a time and a place. Not all times, and definitely not all places. But even though they’re not exactly family friendly, people love shoving them into places they don’t belong. Beloved children’s movies for example. Or franchises that speak to the deep conflict of a medieval economy and the onset of climate […]

The Guardians Of The Galaxy Are Grooving To Bappi Lahiri’s “Jhoom Jhoom Jhoom Baba!”

It’s three weeks till the release of Guardians of The Galaxy 2 and the world is waiting desperately. There are few things that trump the release of a┬áMarvel movie as of 2017. India is a huge market for the international franchise as well and that is clearly evident in their latest promotional bit for the […]

Are You A Fan Of Fantasy Cinematic World? You Must See This List Of Movies Releasing In 2017!

In 20th century, we have witnessed countless epic battles in the fantasy cinematic world, the world of superheroes, fantasy adventure, the brand fights have been the most epic and powerful one. Over the years, cinematic world has been competing in terms of creation of superheroes, story lines, financial success, online gaming, and merchandise. They have […]

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