Meet Parisa Tabriz ‘The Browser Boss’ Behind Google’s Online Security

Google is huge right? They have not some of the money – they have all the money. They’re the world’s biggest IT company and naturally have a lot of delicate information at hand that needs to be protected. Which is why they have the one and only Browser Boss – Parisa Tabriz. Source A student […]

A Professional Football Referee Went Viral Because Her T-Shirt Got Wet and She Wasn’t Wearing A Bra

‘Viral’ means something very different compared to what it did a bit back. ‘Viral fever’ used to be a vaguely defined sickness that you could use to excuse yourself from work. But now, ‘viral’ is just an excuse for random things to get huge online because that is what humanity has come to. For example, […]

10 Coolest Work Places Around The World That Will Make You Want To Work There!

As soon as our college gets over, we jump on to our work life. So let’s actually calculate, we spend 8/9 hours at work and 1 hour minimum for travel. So that’s 60 hours per week. Isn’t it strange how we spend a majority of our day, thereby extending life at the workplace and not […]

Love Chicken Nuggets? A 16 Year Old Asked Wendy’s For A Year’s Supply Of Nuggets In Exchange Of 18 Million Retweets

Free Food! Doesn’t it sound like the biggest dream ever? I too am passionate about food. And I can cross any milestone to satiate that craving, like travel more than 30kms for a thick chocolate shake? Yes. #TrueStory. How far can you go to get free food? 16 year old Carter Wilkerson from Nevada loves […]

Even Google Banned Asking These Job Interview Questions Because They Were Too Tricky!

Google is undoubtedly the most amazing company to work in the world. It has a sleeping pod, a game room, a gym, and so much awesomeness. Henceforth, getting a job in the company that literally rules the world, must be quite a task, isn’t it? ┬áTheir lunch menu looks like this: The Google office never […]

Google Maps Is Letting You Play Pacman On The Choice Of Your Map Just For Today

Google has always played pranks on April Fools day. It puts up a bunch of prank videos and drops Easter eggs on the maps. This year, they welcomed Ms. Pacman into Google Maps! Google is very well known for their pranks on this day! Whether it was Google Wind or the Google assistant giving us […]

10 Iconic Hollywood Dialogues Made Desi Thanks To Google Translate

Right from our childhood to barely-adulthood, there’s nothing quite like a good movie. All the fascinating stories, daring heroes and devious villains. There is also nothing quite like Google Translate on a bad day. Check out these iconic Hollywood dialogues made hilarious by punching them into Google. 1. Shaken, not stirred Diamonds Are Forever (1956) […]

Android Users, Google Now Lets You Send And Receive Money Through Gmail

Google is known to bring new and different updates. Last year they launched their very own ‘Google Pixel’, their personal version of ‘Siri’, i.e. Google Assistant. While I won’t go into the details but here’s the good news – “Users of the Gmail app for Android will now be able to send or request money […]

In Case You Didn’t Notice, This Is What Google’s Doodle Celebrating Women’s Day Was All About

Internation Women’s Day was buzzing all day and is not less a festival now! And when it comes to big days, Google has its own way to let its searchers and wanderers know of the event! Through its extremely creative and artsy doodles, Google is always up with an out of the box idea for […]

Shilpa Shetty Has A Very Own Menu Dedicated To Her At Google HQ Cafe!

Google is known for its innovative and path breaking approach to technology. This mantra applies to their work culture as well. Recently, the Google HQ at San Jose, California, invited guest Shilpa Shetty for a special ‘Art of Well-Being’ talk centered around fitness and health. It is no secret that Shilpa Shetty is an avid […]

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