The” You Have Two Cows” Theory Used To Explain 11 Sites And Apps We All Use

So you’ve probably heard of the two cows theory by this point in your life. If you haven’t, shame on you. Source It is a simple metaphor used to explain complicated concepts. It began when people would explain the functioning of different political systems using two cows. Take for example, Communism: You have two cows. […]

Stories Behind The Brand Names Of 8 World Famous Technology Companies

What’s in a name? A whole fucking lot. Because nobody, absolutely nobody is in going to fall in love with a product that sounds awful. Which is why brands put a whole lot of effort and money into making their products sound as good as they are and nowhere is this truer than in the […]

10 Fun Things You Can Do Using Google Chrome In Case You’re Incredibly Bored

The internet is too fascinating for anyone to possibly get bored while using it, right? But for those of you who have incredibly high standards when it comes to your amusement, Google offers some great ways to kill the boredom. #1 Play Zerg Rush Source Based on the game StarCraft, typing Zerg Rush into Google […]

Here Are Google’s Toughest Job Interview Questions

If you’re lucky enough to land a job interview at one of the best places to work in, Google, you’ll definitely need to bring your A-game. Liked what you saw on DailySocial? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

From GST To Aadhaar Cards – What Are The Most Googled Terms In India For 2017?

We are Googling more than ever now. Because God forbid we ask another human being a question when we can throw the same question into the vast void that is the internet. But as 2017 comes to a close, there is a nee dot we understand what exactly the country has been up to for […]

The Famous Hoaxes Of 2017 That People Believed Because Of Social Media

The internet is a very funny place. Anything can go viral in a matter of minutes and become an instant obsession. However, too much information can also be dangerous. We tend to believe anything that internet tells us without a second thought. Through WhatsApp forwards and social media videos, here are stories that went viral but later […]

Do You Know How Much Google Pays For It’s Built- In Apps On Your Mobile?

We get it for free but Google actually pays for that! Source Andriod users, you might not even think twice about these apps anymore. In fact, you might be so used to these apps that they now have taken a precedence over any other app. We rely on Google Maps on daily basis. Songs are […]

10 Google Predictions That Prove Humanity Is Asking The Internet Some Really Stupid Questions

People ask Google some really important questions. Like advice about life altering decisions that they should really ask a lawyer or a doctor, or a mental health specialist. But because we are on a budget, Google it is. Google predictions are a quick way to get to the point of your question…or to get to the […]

Everything You Need To Know About The 7 Products Google Launched Yesterday

Google launched around 7 products yesterday in Calfornia Google held a press conference in San Francisco on Wednesday. From smartphones to a wearable camera, the tech giant launched 13 products. The event was a low-key one but it is now clear that Google does want to be a gadget company. The products look absolutely brilliant […]

Some Amazing Facts About Google That Would Make You Google If They’re Indeed True!

Even if you don’t have a best friend, Google is always there to give you what you ask for (well, not literally). In times of need, Google has always been that friend in need, from giving the right directions to giving the best of answers to everything we can ever ask for. In no time, […]

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