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10 Fun Things You Can Do Using Google Chrome In Case You’re Incredibly Bored

The internet is too fascinating for anyone to possibly get bored while using it, right? But for those of you who have incredibly high standards when it comes to your amusement, Google offers some great ways to kill the boredom. #1 Play Zerg Rush Source Based on the game StarCraft, typing Zerg Rush into Google […]

Even Google Banned Asking These Job Interview Questions Because They Were Too Tricky!

Google is undoubtedly the most amazing company to work in the world. It has a sleeping pod, a game room, a gym, and so much awesomeness. Henceforth, getting a job in the company that literally rules the world, must be quite a task, isn’t it? ┬áTheir lunch menu looks like this: The Google office never […]

LOVE IS LOVE IS LOVE; See What The World Searched For In 2016!

2016 has been one tough year, there was unrest, violence, hate, and despair in many parts of the world. So, what the world searches in tough times? it searches for love. However, Google proved us that there is love out there, all you gotta do is search. Google – Year In Search recaps some of […]

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