Finally Some Good News As India Wins 66 Medals At Commonwealth Games 2018

As the country boils with protests against heinous crimes against women, these guys give us a reason to be proud of. The Commonwealth Games have often be viewed as the warm-up in the run to Olympics and India has often tried putting its firm foot forward in this competition. Having faired poorly in Glasgow Commonwealth […]

7 Everyday Things That Will Soon Vanish From The Face Of The Planet

We love taking everything for granted, don’t we? When was the last time you used your landline? When was the last time you took played a movie through the DVD player? When did you use the desktop? Technology advancements change everything, don’t they? In the dynamic world that we live in, improvisations are made every […]

15 Upcoming Bollywood Films That Make 2018 Look So Much Better Than 2017

And the next thing we know is that 2017 is almost at it closing time. 2018 is coming soon and we are thrilled for the new year. 2017 saw a lot of good Bollywood movies with ‘Newton’ getting selected for Oscars as well. Movies like Half Girlfriend, Harry Met Sejal, and Tubelight disappointed us but […]

In Weird News: Man Caught At Chandigarh Airport Smuggling Gold Up His Ass

There are things that happen in this country that sometimes ends up being downright weird! This is one of those moments which make you go,’WTF!’. A man from Ulhasnagar, Mumbai was caught in the act of smuggling 407 grams of gold at Chandigarh Airport. The 24-karat gold was concealed in his rectum! The man – […]

India Creates History By Winning Asian Athletics Championships; China Comes Second

While we were busy watching India Vs West Indies match and groaning a strong disapproval at India’s loss, our country won the Asian Athletics Championships title with 29 medals. It was held in Bhubaneswar and¬†around 800 athletes from 45 countries attended the event. India won five gold medals on the final day of the Asian […]

Meet The Luckiest Goats In The World, Their Owner Bought Them 24 Karat Gold Chains!

The goats belonging to this Saudi prince are definitely the luckiest goats in the world. Not only do they get fresh grass (I’m sure they do) they also are proud owners of a 24 karat gold chain each.¬†The Saudi Prince actually gifted gold chains to his goats and they’re sure flaunting it well! Watch the […]

Delhi Airport Custom Officials Seize Gold Worth 26.96 Lakhs Hidden In Sandal Sole!

People sneaking gold from foreign countries is not a very new thing, we hear stories of people getting caught trying to smuggle gold while traveling back to the country. Today, ANI reported that Delhi airport custom officials seize gold from an Indian passenger who came from Bangkok. Gold was concealed in sandal sole. Delhi airport […]

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